We’ll tell you why it’s worth it after analysis.

With a discount of up to 400 euros, this Motorola is the most economical foldable. It has great performance, 2 screens and stock Android that will win you over.

This is the cheapest foldable mobile phone on the market: after the analysis, we'll tell you why it's worth it.
This Motorola is the perfect buy if you want a foldable mobile phone for little money // Image: Christian Collado

When you think about foldable mobile phones, you may be reluctant to buy one because it is beyond your budget. However, you should know that there is foldable mobile phone on the market cheaper than you imagine. We refer to Motorola Razr 40the most cost-effective foldable phone yet and a high-quality phone that goes beyond its design.

This Motorola razr 40 has recommended retail price 899 euros., but that’s not the amount you’d have to pay to buy it currently. Fortunately, its price is usually around and even below 500 euros on Amazon and MediaMarkt, making the Razr 40 a bargain in all caps. Firstly, because you save an impressive 400 euros on your purchase, and secondly, because for this price you get a foldable mobile phone.

At Andro4all, we’ve reviewed the Motorola Razr 40 and know why it’s worth buying. WITH you are guaranteed a great experience Thanks to the power of the Qualcomm processor, 2 AMOLED screens good quality and software standard android. Of course, we liked its design, which attracts both originality and quality of materials.

Motorola Razr 40

Why Motorola Razr 40 is worth buying

As expected, the first reason to buy the Motorola razr 40 is its design. The folding format makes it very original., in the style of old folding beds. When folded, it is very convenient to carry in your pocket. When it unfolds, it should comfort in use thanks to its thinness and lightness. It’s also very nice thanks to its vegan leather back, a material that gives it a “premium” feel to the touch.

Another big advantage of this terminal is that it has two different screens. On the one side, internal screen AMOLED technology, Size 6.9 inchesFull HD+ resolution (2640 x 1080 pixels) and refresh rate up to 144 Hz which looks very good. On the other side, 1.5″ outdoor SuperAMOLED display in which you can see the time, read notifications and even take selfies without opening your phone.

You can buy a foldable Motorola razr 40 for less than 500 euros.

The brain of this smartphone is Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 1, with very positive results in practice. The Razr 40 is capable of complete any task even run games and image editors. Flexibility is enhanced by 8GB of RAM, along with 256GB of storage for installing apps and taking photos. Special mention to operating system, version Android 13 with virtually no additions.

In terms of cameras, the phone comes with Main camera 64 MP and a 13MP ultra-wide-angle camera on the back with Front lens 32 MP. This way, you’ll have the versatility to take good photos and videos in Ultra HD, and your memories will be displayed in good quality.

Motorola Razr 40

We don’t forget the autonomy that comes from the hand 4200 mAh battery. According to our tests, it’s enough to get you through a day on a single charge with about 5-6 hours of screen time. The fast charging it supports is 30 W per cable and 5 W wirelessly. It would be nice to include a charger and protective case as this is becoming less common.

All these data indicate that the Motorola razr 40 is a purchase. very suitable if you are looking for a foldable, cheap and high quality smartphone. We remind you that this is usually discount 400 euros on Amazon and MediaMarkt, which means you get it for almost half the price.

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