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After the success of “The Squid Game”, released in September 2021, the Netflix platform launched a new South Korean series titled “We are dead”. In it you see a group of young students who will experience the worst of experiences within their institute when all his classmates catch a rare virus that turns them into zombies.

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As the very name of the production indicates “We are dead” (“All Of Us Are Dead”, in English) or known by its original title as “Jigeum Uri Hakgyoneun”, little by little the students are attacked by zombies and after dying they revive immediately but turned into creatures that only want to attack others.

Among the main protagonists of the series are Park Ji Ho, who plays Nam On-jo; as well as Yoon Chan Young in the role of Lee Cheong-san. he also appears Cho Yi Hyun as Choi Nam-ra; accompanied by park solomon What makes Lee Soo-hyuk and Yoo In-soo in the role of Yoon Gwi-nam.

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Ji-hu Park and Chan-Young Yoon (Photo: Film Monster Co / Kimjonghak Production Co)
Ji-hu Park and Chan-Young Yoon (Photo: Film Monster Co / Kimjonghak Production Co)

Together with them, a great cast of actors made this production one of the most famous in the world and even some film critics have considered that it has achieved the same or better success than its predecessor obtained.the squid game”.

In this sense, it could be said thatWe are dead” was a success due to the production, the characters and the script that it had; however, what many who do not know is that in the series a mistake was avoided.

"We are dead" could have a new season (Photo: Film Monster Co / Kimjonghak Production Co)
“We are dead” could have a new season (Photo: Film Monster Co / Kimjonghak Production Co)


The Serie “All of Us Are Dead” has become the favorite of thousands of people who eagerly await the new installment.

It should be noted that this production avoided making a mistake that could have changed the history of the great success obtained. As has been seen, the series tells the stories of a group of students, among which stand out On jo and Cheong-san.

"We are dead" is one of Netflix's favorite series (Photo: Film Monster Co / Kimjonghak Production Co)
“We’re dead” is one of Netflix’s favorite series (Photo: Film Monster Co / Kimjonghak Production Co)

Unfortunately the alleged romance they could have On jo and Cheong-san It didn’t happen, at least for now. But there might be some possibility that Cheong-san still alive, although no one knows what could happen to On jo.

Another couple that won the attention of the public was that of Su-hyeok and Nam Ra but all this would not have happened if in “We are dead” A love triangle would not have been avoided. The series also avoided conflicts between Nam Ra and On jo by Su-hyeok as it happened as in the case of Cheong-san and Su-hyeok by On jo.


At the beginning of the series, everyone thought that there would be a love triangle between On jo, Cheong-san and Su-hyeok; however, with the passing of the episodes everything was taking shape and the tastes of the characters were more noticeable.

TO Cheong-san he liked On jowho thought he liked Su-hyeokwho was a friend of Cheong-san.

But the series left this possibility aside, because, if it happened, it would have been exhausting and could even leave a bad feeling among the viewers due to those willing to win the love of the young woman.

In addition, it was possible to see that despite the fact that there was an attraction between some characters, they all continued their friendship without breaking that friendly bond that characterized them at all times.

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Park Solomon and Yi-Hyun Cho (Photo: Film Monster Co / Kimjonghak Production Co)
Park Solomon and Yi-Hyun Cho (Photo: Film Monster Co / Kimjonghak Production Co)


The baby of Hee-su, who appears in the first episodes of “We are dead”, survives after two cops take custody of him upon the death of his mother in the First season. His journey was a parallel story to that of the students.

The little boy was born in the middle of the catastrophe and was almost abandoned. If it was not for Jae-ik and Ho-chul, the child would probably have starved to death or devoured by zombies. These characters manage to take the little one to the quarantine campwhere they were left in the hands of two officers.

However, in the netflix series nothing is simple. The reality of the inhabitants of Hyosan who survived the tragedy was further complicated when it was discovered that there were citizens who could carry the virus without transforming, being called “hybrids” or asymptomatic.

For this reason, the quarantine for the residents of the city was rigid and the baby was left with the police at the mercy of the custodians. Most likely a Season 2 of “All Of Us Are Dead” finish by clarifying what will happen to the baby. of Hee-su. MORE DETAILS HERE.

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