What are the big manicure trends that are out of the ordinary?

Hello, sunny days! Summer is almost here and we can’t wait to embrace all the juicy colors that come with it. They bring us this feeling of “holiday” that inspires us, wherever we are. In the office, in the city park or on the beach, the following nail art trends will really boost your mood. You will find a wide variety of patterns, from delicate baby boomer to exotic art, named swirl nails. So scroll through the list of the most wanted summer 2022 nails and choose your favorite. Are you ready? Go for it !

Summer 2022 nails: which design to choose?

Before presenting you the best models of the summer, we will reveal the trends in terms of colors. Of course, when it comes to summer, juicy shades are a must. So if you like this look, go for pink and orange. Mixed in the same design or not, they will be all the rage this season. Another great option is the pastel look which brings a more delicate touch to the nails. In this context, choose purple (the color of the year according to Pantone), blue, mint green and pink. The third color palette that will be in vogue is neutrals and earthy tones. They are truly versatile and can satisfy all tastes, whatever the season.

Deconstructed French manicure


French nail art has so many variations today that it is difficult to choose the best of them. After the classic white tip model, we saw the two-tone trend, glitter, reverse French manicure and many more. Now it’s time for deconstructed French art. The idea here is to combine classic manicure with abstract elements. So you can let your imagination run wild and create a unique look that will impress all your friends.

Minimalist nails

minimalist manicure with flowers

If you’re doing your manicure at home, but you’re not good at drawing, this trend is perfect for you. It’s super easy to do. Just make a small dot, line or flower. Or, stick a small sticker.

Summer 2022 nails: Swirl nails

wash-nail manicure trend summer 2022

In bright colors or in pastel shades, swirl nails will absolutely mark the year as THE ultimate trend. They’ve topped the best design lists for 5 months already and it looks like they’re going to stay even longer. So take a brush and make these abstract lines. Do them vertically so that you can visually lengthen your fingers.

“Lava lamp” manicure

nails summer 2022 with earthy shades

This is another design, similar to the previous one which looks like a colored liquid spilled on the nails. So creative and artistic, these summer 2022 nails can instantly accessorize your outfit, depending on the colors you choose.

Summer nails with butterflies and 3D designs

3D manicure for the summer in pink and green colors

Butterflies will be everywhere this year, and we’re certainly not talking about the garden. Part of the retro wave that has flooded social media and the fashion world, this pattern will be seen more and more often. So do not hesitate to be one of the first to adopt butterfly nails. It will be a plus if you choose 3D elements.

baby boomer nails

Influenced by Selena Gomez and Zendaya, pastel and nude nail polishes have become very popular. These are colors that come in several dyes, but the coolest version of the moment is the design dubbed ” baby boomer“. Watch the video above for 5 ways to do it at home.

Marbled nail decoration or wavy look

nail art blue waves trendy marble nails

Summer is a time for relaxation, and we feel more relaxed with this incredible pattern that reminds us of the waves of the sea. For a touch of glamour, add a glittering element in gold or silver.

Nails summer 2022: Chrome Nails

Zendaya nails chromatic manicure trend nails summer 2022

After Zendaya showed up on the Oscars red carpet with chromatic silver nails, beautistas have become obsessed with it. Are you also going to try this look for the next summer party?

Find more ideas in the photo gallery

manicure in pink and orange - trendy colors summer 2022

Summer 2022 nails with pearls

trendy manicure 2022 with pearls

Manicure with crystals

rebecca minkoff nail art new york fashion week ss 2022 manicure with 3d crystals

Black and white nail art

minimalist nail design in black and white

unicorn nails in pastel colors

nails summer 2022 with pastel colors

Multi-colored manicure and mismatched nails are a must have absolutely!

trendy nail polish summer 2022

Another variation of the famous French manicure

nails summer 2022

butterfly nail art – a Y2K trend that is a hit!

butterfly nail art in pastel violet color very perri pantone 2022

A simple line can create an impressive business look

minimalist nail art with a white line

Do you need more ideas for a French manicure?

trendy french manicure 2022 with pastel colors naileditbeauty

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