What are the outstanding features of Arc, a search engine that is gaining popularity due to its design and use of artificial intelligence?

Market internet browsers, As in other sectors, it is dominated by a few alternatives that take up almost all of the daily browsing time of billions of users around the world. Chromiumwhich for many years has maintained its hegemony as the most popular browser in the world, occupies more than 64% market sharewhich is much higher than Apple Safari, which is second on the list with 21%, according to data compiled by Likeweb.

However, there are other players that stand out for their design and functionalityand among them the browser stands out Arc, developed by The Browser Company. Although it was launched in April 2022, it still remains an exclusive software for users of iOS and MacOS systems, and this will soon change.

The company is keeping its waitlist open for Windows users and has already registered more than 25,000 people wanting to try its browser, which its official website says will be available “soon.” When it officially launches, millions of Microsoft system users will be able to take advantage of the various features that Arc offers.

First of all, what stands out in terms of design is sidebar that concentrates all browser elements, which is usually located at the top of the window. The panel on the left displays a search field, quick access to the user’s saved websites, and a list of open tabs with an unusual configuration, since they can be classified into files using an organization system identical to a computer.

The special thing about this sidebar is that more than one can be configuredfor example, to separate the space for personal use from the work space and leave each configured in the most convenient way.

According to the creators, Arc allows users to “move even faster” than in other browsers and “without distractions.” It’s because The application blocks trackers, ads and offers a reading mode. which removes unnecessary elements from the window.

“Arc Search is still in its early stages. We hope to bring something new and different to mobile browsers,” they add on their website.

In addition, through the function Easels You can create canvases on which you can group snapshots from different websites, displaying information updated in real time, as well as documents and other elements. This is useful, for example, for viewing the weather forecast or stock quotes.

The tool also stands out Promote growthwith which you can edit websites by changing letter size, typography, background color, and even changing other aspects using JavaScript and CSS code.

Arc allows you to change the aesthetics of sites.

Another function Split Viewallows you to configure a window to display up to four tabs simultaneously.

Find it for me

One of the main attractions of Arc, added a week ago, is the feature “Look for me”. Essentially, with this system you can get a website created based on the various results that the search engine offers for specific queries.

Arc’s artificial intelligence (AI) model, which company CEO Josh Miller says is based on a combination of models developed by OpenAI (ChatGPT) and others, pulls information from sites like news pages and even platforms like X (exTwitter) to produce a result that will ultimately be presented as if it were a website.

Unlike apps like Copilot or Perplexity AI, Arc Search scans websites and creates a new one every time a user performs a search.

To do this, it includes highlighted data and links related to the topic. For example, when you search for Lionel Messi’s current events, the search engine will provide general information about his recent matches and activities, including links to more information in the “Dig Deeper” section.

However, as with other artificial intelligence tools, the results may not always be correct or accurate.

The company plans to continue improving its mobile app by adding new features such as cross-platform synchronization.

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