What do vegans eat? This is what DOES and what DOES NOT include your diet


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The veganism has gained a greater presence in the world, not only because of the health benefitsbut also for a commitment to the environment and animals. That is why today we tell you a little more about him and we tell you which celebrities embrace this lifestyle.

What is veganism?

It is defined as the habit of not consuming any products of animal origintaking into account food, but also other types of products.

According to the UK organization The Vegan Societyveganism It is a philosophy and lifestyle which seeks to “exclude, to the extent possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation and cruelty to animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose.”

Are veganism and vegetarianism the same?

Not, although both derive from a plant-based diet. Veganism is stricter and prohibits the consumption of products derived from animals, such as dairy, eggs or honey, to name a few.

Vegetarianism, for its part, has as its premise not to eat products derived from or related to the slaughter of animals. The diet focuses on a high consumption of fruits and vegetables, but also supports products derived from animals.

What are the benefits of having a vegan diet?

A plant-based diet may help promote weight loss, reduce cholesterol levels (thus reducing the risk of heart disease), and decrease the chances of getting certain types of cancersuch as colon cancer. In addition, it can offer benefits such as improved blood pressure and better blood sugar control.

However, having a plant-based diet is not a guarantee of good health. For this to be healthy, unhealthy foods should also be avoided, such as foods high in sugar, French fries and refined grains; not doing so runs the risk of developing kidney or coronary disease. according to information from Medical News Today.

Why adopt a vegan diet

Those who adopt this lifestyle point out that there are several reasons. Among them, one of the most popular is avoid exploitation and animal crueltywhich is also closely related to reduce the production of greenhouse gasessince the livestock industry contributes approximately 14.5%

Another reason is health benefitsto resume some, low levels of cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure

What should I know if I want to start a vegan diet?

The key to success in food is planning, you must know which products can add important nutrients to your dietwhich you previously obtained through foods of animal origin.

  • proteins. Protein-rich foods are tofu, chickpeas, beans, nutritional yeast.
  • B12 vitamin. This vitamin is not found in plants, its lack in the diet can cause tiredness and weakness. So experts recommend a supply of fortified cereals like rice and soy drinks.
  • Essential fatty acids. You can find them in whole grains and green leafy vegetables like cabbage and spinach. Also in moderate amounts of nuts such as almonds, walnuts or pistachios.
  • Iron. Iron-rich plant foods include black beans, tofu, and dried fruits.
  • Vitamin D. With a sunbath of 10 to 15 minutes a day you can get a little of this vitamin, you can also find it in orange juice and fortified soy.

If you are thinking of changing your diet to a vegan or vegetarian diet, we recommend that you first visit a health expert so that they can assess your case and guide you through the transition.

famous vegans

These are just some celebrities who have chosen to follow a vegan diet.

Natalie Portman

The 41-year-old actress has been a vegetarian since she was 9, and became a vegan in 2011. Since then she has been a spokesperson for this lifestyle. Peta recovered some of her most inspiring phrases to embrace veganism, here we share one with you.

When I read “Eating Animals,” that’s what made me go vegan. I think until then I had thought, “Oh, with eggs and dairy, you’re not killing animals. They are just their natural by-products.” But when I started learning about the conditions and the environmental effect of all these animals and the impact on humans of having large groups of sick animals together, it really made me want to change right away.

Ariana Grande

The famous 29-year-old singer commented in an interview with The Mirror in 2014 why she is vegan and this is her answer:

I love animals more than I love most people, no kidding. (…) I firmly believe that eating a diet based entirely on plants and whole foods can extend your life span and make you a happier person in all aspects.

Other famous vegans are: Miley Cirus, Joaquin Phoenix, Tobey Mcguire, Sandra Oh. Anne Hathaway, Thom Yorke, and Billie Eilish.


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