What does each NFC team need to qualify for the NFL Playoffs: Seahawks, Packers, Lions?

The game is played week 18 of the nflthe final date of the regular season and the last ticket for the playoffs in the National Conference.

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Overview of teams already qualified

Philadelphia Eagles (NFC East, 13-3)

  • With victory against giantsconsolidate the first sowing of the nfc; losing they could still get the lead if they lose they need you to cowboys Y 49ers don’t win
  • While the divisional title of the NFC Eastthey simply achieve it with triumph and defeat of the cowboys.

San Francisco 49ers (NFC West, 12-4)

  • To win against the Cardinalsthey must expect a defeat of Philadelphia to tie the leadership of the National.

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Minnesota Vikings (NFC North, 12-4)

  • they arrive as NFC North Championsbut they look for a better position for the WildCards so a victory against the chicago bears.

Dallas Cowboys (NFC East, 12-4)

  • If they get the win this weekend and those of Philadelphia Y San Francisco lose, they will be champions of the East.
  • The cowboys win division title NFC East with the victory and a defeat of eagles in view of giants.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFC South, 8-8)

New York Giants (NFC East, 9-6-1)

  • Any result in your game vs. Philadelphia won’t move them like sixth seed in the National.

Panorama of the three teams fighting for the NFC ticket

detroit lions

  • The Lions accumulate a 8-8 mark and for the moment they are entrenched in the NFC North runner-up.
  • They need to beat the Packers in this one. week 18 and hope that the Seattleites don’t win their game against the Rams.

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Green Bay Packers

  • The Packers go into this week with an 8-8 record and in the third rung of the NFC Northbehind the Minnesota Vikings and the detroit lions.
  • With victory against detroit lionsin it Sunday Night Footballthey secure their place in the playoffs.

seattle seahawks

  • The seahawks In the same way, they arrive with an 8-8 mark in second place in the NFC West behind the san francisco 49ers.
  • After obtaining the victory against the Los Angeles Rams and with the defeat of the Green Bay Packers, they seal their place to the Wild Card.

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So the outlook for Week 18 of the NFL, prior to the NFC Wild Cards games.

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