What fruits should you eat during menopause?

menopause This is a stage in life women in which organism goes through many changes. Fight against symptoms How hormonal imbalance, tides, dizziness, fatigue, weight gain and sleep problems, it’s convenient To look after That feeding and consume more fruits.

What fruits should be included in the diet during menopause?

fruits They’re big sources from vitamins, minerals, fiber And antioxidants. They protect That cells belonging agingexperts note Clinic Planas. Eating this type of food helps improve That health And the quality of life during menopause. Below you will find some of recommended fruits from a nutritionist Monica Acha include in the diet at this stage.

Papaya can help you sleep better during menopause

papaya This fruits initially tropical which has Vitamin C, magnesium And potassium. The elements in its composition help improve the quality of sleep and reduce typical tides belonging menopause.

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Eating strawberries can slow down the aging of the body

In addition to folic acid and Vitamin C, strawberry They supply your body with plenty of antioxidants. Therefore this fruits helps reduce oxidative activity in cellswhich occurs when there is an excess free radicalsalready Protect them belonging aging.

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Discover the benefits of blueberries for your health

blueberry stand out for their content in fibernecessary for correct intestinal transit and avoid digestive problems. On the other hand, this fruits serves to care cardiovascular health thanks to the high content anthocyaninsmaking it a food with anti-inflammatory and antioxidants.

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Why Vitamin C in Oranges is Important During Menopause

One of the most famous characteristics orange is that it contributes Vitamin C to the body and strengthens the immune system. He lemon acid who have a lot fruitsespecially citrus How orange And mandarin, promotes calcium absorption. This mineral very important for women during menopausebecause the hormonal changes At this stage they influence bone health and can lead to osteoporosis.

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Include lemon and citrus fruits in your diet.

How orangelemon is electric who stands out for his contribution Vitamin C for the body and also helps calcium absorption. This is another fruit that has health benefits that you can reduce That convulsions V muscles during menopause.

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Take care of your metabolism during menopause by eating more melon.

He melon This is the recommended food during menopause for being you low calorie and rich beta-carotenes. They help improve metabolism, which tends to slow down during menopausecausing changes in fat distribution and increase fluid retention.

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Kiwi helps prevent anemia

He kiwi Another fruits with a lot of antioxidantsWhat brake He aging belonging cells. This food helps prevent That anemiaas it improves the body’s ability to absorb iron.

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A summer fruit that protects your skin is watermelon.

watermelon This is one of the star products during summer. Stands out for its presence minerals and, above all, a large number water. Spanish Heart Foundation states that this fruit is 93% water. If you have dry skin, symptom common during menopausethis is the food that helps support it hydrated. On the other hand, it has diuretic propertiesso it’s useful against fluid retention And swelling in some parts of the body, for example abdomen And limbs.

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Eat grapes, another fruit that contains antioxidants.

grape They may also reduce some inconvenience associated with menopause. They are full antioxidantsso they fight the damage caused free radicals And cellular aging.

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Benefits of apples during menopause

Apple is recommended fruits In many daily allowance for your strength saturating. This is food low calorie and which offers many nutrients. carotenoids And flavonoids some of antioxidants it helps. They serve to combat oxidative stress derived from hormonal changes which occur during menopause.

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