What happened to Jude Law? Married with six children, this is his life

A Jude Law we know him so much for his professional successes as for his love life. To this day we still remember that scandalwhen the actor was unfaithful to his then partner, Sienna Miller, with the babysitter of their children. Her romances have always aroused a lot of interest, just like her movies. At 49 years old, Law seems to have settled down. Nothing is going wrong in his career either. The co-star of Sherlock Holmes has just announced his signing by Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, the new Disney+ series. Also, he just shot another movie, Firebrand, a historical drama in which he shares the poster with actress Alicia Vikander. Married, with six children and several projects in sight, this is the life of Jude Law now.

Phillipa Coan, his current partner

Jude Law married in 1996 with the actress Sadie Frostwhom he met during the filming of shopping. They had three children: Rafferty, Iris, and Rudy. They divorced in 2003, and soon after, while working on Alfie, she began an affair with Sienna Miller. The couple left him when it came to light that Law had been unfaithful to him with the nanny of his children. The interpreter did what she could to turn the page and they tried again, but finally they separated in 2011. The Hollywood star wasted no time, who in the midst of the sentimental break, became Sofia’s father for the fourth time after a brief relationship with a New Zealand model, Samantha Burke. In 2015, her fifth child was born, a girl named Ada, the result of her short romance with the singer. Catherine Harding.

Jude Law and Phillipa Coan, his current partner GTRES GTRES

Now Jude Law seems to have managed to leave his past behind and start a family with his current partner. He married the psychologist Philippa Coan in April 2019, after four years of relationship. From their relationship, her sixth child was born. “I am very lucky to be with someone with whom I have a better time than ever in my life,” said the actor during an interview. Will this be the final relationship? We will have to wait to see it!

New projects

He has never stopped working nor has he been short of offers. His is one of the most prolific careers in Hollywood, although in recent years he has slowed down a bit. Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s SecretsIt is his last film. This year it will also premiere on streaming Peter Pan & Wendywhere he gives life to the mythical Captain Hook.

In recent months we have seen him immersed in the filming of Firebrand, the historical drama in which he will play Henry VIII. The Oscar winner, alice vikanderin the role of his wife Catalina Parr, is his co-star.

Actor Jude Law on the set of ‘Firebrand’ GTRES GTRES

A few days ago we knew about his latest project. Jude Law has just signed for a well-known saga. The actor will be in Star Wars: Skeleton Crewthe new Disney + series that will be released next year.

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