What happened to “La Cuatro” on Sabado Gigante? this is how it looks now

Gloria Benavides, the actress and comedian who brought to life the memorable character from the now-defunct television show, is now a proud mom and grandmother. Do you remember her?

With his incomparable charisma, “Don Francisco” and his program “Sábado Gigante” became a symbol of television in Latin America. Thus, Gloria Benavides, better known as “La Cuatro”, became an iconic character on the small screen.

In each broadcast, the Chilean actress gave life to a blonde-haired woman who lived madly in love with Mario Luis Kreutzberger (real name of the famous host), with whom she shared the stage for 29 years, according to what she said in a recent interview for the program “De tú to you”.

“The name of the funny woman who stole the hearts of viewers with her occurrences was born because I am the fourth daughter, from the fourth marriage, I was born a quarter to four and there will be an explanation. My name is four, until the day of today,” said the artist to the aforementioned program.

In this way, Benavides played his memorable character until September 19, 2015, when it was the last episode of the remembered show.

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However, the now 74-year-old comedian continued her career in the world of entertainment, although her remembered role did not return to the screens. She returned to her homeland where she has resumed her singing career. And it is that she, in addition to being an actress, is passionate about singing; her love for this branch of art began in the 1960s.

Among his songs stand out: “Princesita de Luna”, “Caricatures (also make me cry)”, “Why wasn’t I your first love?”, “The forever lovers”, and “La droplet”. In her social networks she has published some videos where she interprets her songs.

At the same time, she continues to have guest appearances in shows and events in Chile and is one of the actresses of a renowned theatrical comedy in that country.

Occasionally, he shares on the web moments that he enjoys with his loved ones, his next projects and photos from his past, with which he remembers the likeable character.

Gloria describes herself as a proud mom and grandmother. “Sharing with my grandchildren is one of the moments that fills my soul the most,” she wrote in one of her posts on her Instagram account, where she gathers more than 50 thousand followers.

Although five years have passed since the “Sábado Gigante” ended, “La Cuatro” did not get rid of the rumors that involved her romantically with the Chilean driver. And it is that many believed that the chemistry that existed in both went beyond the program. However, on more than one occasion she rejected these accusations.

Illustrative and non-commercial image / https://www.instagram.com/p/CDVA7M1HztR/

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