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Sergio Catalán was a telenovela heartthrob in the 90s and mid-2000s. The actor gained fame at the age of 24 with his role as Diego de la Mora in ‘Bendita Mentira, where he shared the screen with Mariana Levy and Angélica María.

After moving away from acting, Sergio Catalán did not really say a final goodbye to the middle of the show, since for a time he worked as a television host and acted in several plays.

In addition, he debuted as a husband and dad. In 2012, Catalán married actress Teresa Tuccio and together they are the parents of two daughters: Natalia and Julieta.

Actor Sergio Catalán opened his ice cream parlor in Los Angeles

A couple of years ago, Sergio took a 180° turn in his life and ventured into a popsicle and ice cream business in Los Angeles, California.

The idea of ​​setting up an ice cream parlor was born when he led an event called ‘The Popsicle Fair’ in Los Angeles. However, deciding to start his own ice cream and popsicle business was consolidated until a year later, right in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic.

Catalán and his family weighed up what was best for them and what they wanted most in the face of the complicated situation with the pandemic and the lack of job offers. They were in a dilemma: stay in the United States or return to Mexico, as Sergio told the microphones of El Gordo and La Flaca.

Finally, they decided that they wanted to stay in the US and opening their ice cream parlor was the best way to maintain their family finances.

La Michoacana Premium Newhall, located in Los Angeles, California, is the ice cream parlor of the actor and his family, a project that took about a year and a half to consolidate. Fortunately, once it opened its doors, little by little it has grown successfully.

In addition, it keeps Sergio quite busy, who not only owns the place, but is also an active part of the workers, since he makes ice cream and other foods that his business offers.

“I’m the one who fixes the ice cream. I make the gansito ice cream, I make the chamoy ice cream. I do everything”.

Being behind the counter of his ice cream parlor has also allowed him to reconnect with several people who remember him in his role as an actor.

“There are a lot of people who come and know me from soap operas and get out of the loop and say ‘What are you doing here?’”

Does Sergio Catalán want to return to television?

In April 2022, after more than a decade away from soap operas, Catalán revealed for the program ‘Always with you’ his facet as an artist is still latent in his life.

“It is a disease that does not take away this from being an artist. It doesn’t take away from us.”

Now that his business is well established and running successfully, Sergio has decided that he is ready to return to television.

“The time has come to resume. I really want to. I made calls, I called a producer friend and told him that I was available to come back.”

However, his return will not be with any project. Catalan warned that thanks to the fact that he has the support of his business, he now has the freedom to choose what he wants to participate in.

“I want to be on television again, I want to resume, to combine it. Having a business what you can do is choose now. If it is a project that you like, you choose it and if not, then you keep your business”.

Sergio Catalán: his facet as a musician and composer

Sergio’s facet as an actor has been on pause for several years. However, the music does not.

“I have not been able to stop creating. I keep writing music. I have written music for 8 plays.”

Catalan has also written multiple songs. One of his most recent projects is the song ‘Dalo por fact’ that he wrote for Jorge Medina, former vocalist of La Arrolladora Banda El Limón, who included it on his new album ‘Tres vida’.

In addition, he has plans to create a showcase where a compilation of the songs he has written is presented, but he warned that he will not be the one to sing them.

“Many years ago I had the idea of ​​singing it myself, but I no longer feel like it. I want them to sing my songs, I enjoy it more”.

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