What happened to you? This is how the Game Of Thrones actors look 11 years after the premiere of the HBO series

Last April, 11 years have passed since the first chapter of “Game of Thrones” was seen through the HBO signal and just two weeks ago the first trailer of the prequel to the successful franchise was released, which was placed among the greatest productions on the small screen.

“The House of the Dragon” It has been announced for a long time and it is known that it will have a timeframe that is around 200 years before the history of GOT. For all the fans who are already savoring the story, it is necessary to comment that there is less and less to go and that the premiere of this new series from the universe produced by HBO will hit the screens on August 21.

In these episodes, the story of how the Targaryen House had the collapse of its empire will be known, which, as we saw, Daenerys would later recover.

How the Game Of Thrones actors look 11 years after the premiere

The epic battles and forbidden romances were not all that GOT left us, but also becoming attached to the actors who gave life to our favorite characters, some began as children and throughout history became adults.

Daenerys Targaryen

Currently Emilia Clarke is 35 years old and is one of the most beautiful faces in cinema, when the series began she was barely 24 and the truth is that maturity has suited her very well.

Jon Snow

Kit Harington is also 35 years old, so like his partner, when he started GOT he was 24 years old, his character was one of the most evolved in the history of George RR Martin.

arya stark

Maisie Williams played one of the most beloved characters in the series, the girl who went through adversities like going blind, to become a master warrior, she is currently 25 years old, so she was 14 when GOT started.

Maisie Williams

sansa stark

Sansa from apparently weak, to one of the strongest women in history was played by Sophie Turner, who was 15 years old when GOT premiered in 2011, now she is 26.

Sophie Turner

Tyrion Lannister

He was played by Peter Hayden Dinklage, the character of Tyrion has been described as the most intelligent in history, he is currently 52 years old and at the start of GOT 41.

Peter Hayden Dinklage


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