What happens if my sugar level is over 110?

glucose He sugar which is located in blood and is the main source energy who owns bodywhich comes from food which are consumed during the day. That is, the body breaks down most of this food into glucose and releases it into the body. blood flow

When blood sugar level rises, the pancreas releases insulinA hormone which helps control this increase and causes glucose to enter cells and be used as energy.

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Diabetes is chronic illness occurs when a person has high levels glycemia and causes serious health problems affecting heart and kidneys.

In fact, various studies show that Spain It is the second European country to have second highest figure this condition and 1 in 7 adults have it.

In this article, we will tell you the importance of blood tests to determine whether you have prediabetes or not. Also discover What happens if your sugar level is more than 110 mg/dl and what is the normal value?

What happens if my sugar level is over 110?

What is the normal blood glucose level?

To determine if you are suffering from diabetes or if you are human prediabeticthe best thing to do would be blood analysis after eight hours on an empty stomach to remove doubts and control this issue.

If the result shows 99 mg/dL or less this number, then this normal blood glucose levels, so it is not of any concern. However, the said person must continue to take care of his or her health and maintain Healthy Habits into your lifestyle to prevent diabetes.

Moreover, it is important to emphasize that those people who less than 35 years old and present risk factors associated with this disease, such as, for example, obesity or family history, must be done Exams to determine whether you suffer from it or are at the stage of prediabetes, which is a clear warning from the body to start taking care of itself.

If there are no risk factors, American Diabetes Association recommends training from 45 years old.

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What happens if my sugar level is over 110?

If blood sugar levels on an empty stomach they come out 110 to 125 mg/dl they will point to prediabetes and if the result gives 126 mg/dL or more In two different tests they confirm diabetes.

prediabetes usually has no symptoms in most people, although some may notice darker tone on the skin armpits or neck. For this reason, you need to go to a medical center and get tested, which is usually quick and easy.

When a person prediabetic You should prevent type 2 diabetes by changing your diet. Life style one much more healthy, include eat nutritious foods, lose weight, engage in regular physical activity and take blood tests more often to monitor glucose indicators.

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