What If …?, Marvel Studios celebrate an unexpected wedding


This week’s episode of What If…? it was without a doubt the most fun among those proposed. After six chapters full of death and destruction, fans were pleasantly surprised by the carefree atmosphere of “What if … Thor was an only child?“. In a world where Odin has chosen not to adopt Loki, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is less interested in ruling and fighting and more focused on partying. When the God of Thunder first arrives on Earth, he decides to stop in Las Vegas and invite a group of favorite aliens from the MCU; from that moment on they start partying. There were a lot of funny moments in the episode, but fans were particularly excited about the surprise wedding between Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) and Howard the Duck (Seth Green). In honor of this funny skit, Marvel Studios recently shared an invitation for the wedding of the two beloved characters.

Recently, AC Bradley chatted with EW about the making of the episode in question explaining that the relationship between Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and Thor is one of his favorites: “I love the relationship between Thor and Jane and we wanted to play with that part of the love story without the tragedy frame“Explained Bradley. “The story took its cue from a reckless love for 80s and 90s romantic comedies and party movies. After so many serious episodes, what’s the funniest thing we could have done? And the answer is: ‘Let Thor throw a party’ ”.


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