What is Epiphany and how does it relate to the three wise men?

(CNN Spanish) — With 2022 already underway, the year-end celebrations are practically over. However, there is still one very relevant to the Catholic Church: Epiphany.

What is Epiphany?

According to the Archbishopric of Cuzco, the word means “manifestation of God”, which is why the celebration is also known as ‘Annunciation of the Lord’.

But, specifically, what is it? The Archbishopric of Cuzco says, “This is when Jesus reveals himself to the whole world at different times and to different people.”

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The Archbishopric of Cuzco states that not only is it not a single celebration, but the Catholic Church celebrates three events as Epiphany:

  • Epiphany to St. John the Baptist on the River Jordan
  • The introduction of his disciples and his public life begins with the miracle of the marriage at Cana
  • Epiphany to the three wise men

Relationship with the Three Wise Men

Precisely, this is the last incident where the connection with the three wise men is found.

The Archbishopric of Cuzco states that the Epiphany of the Three Wise Men is the most important of the three.

He explains, “It is a celebration that revolves around the worship of the birth of the infant Jesus by the three wise men as a symbol of the pagan world’s recognition and revelation that Jesus Christ is the Savior of all humanity.”

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