“What is Mestalla hiding?”

hourI honestly don’t know what it hides Mestalla. I don’t quite understand the point of banning access to a group of journalists who are coming to film a documentary. By the way, some of these journalists are Valencians. Luco Cortes to express your point of view. And this is not corporatism. This is pure common sense and respect for a fan who knows how to behave.

And after more than twenty years of accompanying real Madrid through these fields God I can say with confidence that we have always been well received ValenciaWe have always enjoyed a great football atmosphere in one of the temples of the league, where for many seasons a team has played that is capable of winning and challenging for titles. Madrid and that we always turned off the microphones with the feeling that everything was going in the right direction. That’s why, What do you get by placing doors on the field?

The reality is that Vinicius Last year he was seriously insulted. It wasn’t four cats, and it wasn’t the whole stadium. Enough people were screaming to classify the incident as very serious, prompting a response from the sporting authorities who even agreed to a match between Spain and Brazil, play in a couple of weeks Bernabeu this helps make the problem visible. That’s why I think we need to do the exact opposite. Invite every production company in the world to witness what we’re all thinking. What Mestalla represents one of the best places to enjoy football and that the sheep that are there have nowhere to get ViniciusTo Netflix or to Pope Francis.

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