What is the 1 peso coin that is being offered for over $1,000 and where can it be sold?

In Argentina, the coins are highly collectible because their face value has decreased significantly due to inflation. But there are some that are not only collectible, but are also treasures that can make you a fortune. What is a 1 peso coin that is being offered for more than a thousand dollars and where to sell it if you have it at home.

Collecting and numismatics in particular are disciplines that have grown significantly in recent years. In that world There are bills and coins that sell for very high prices due to their unique qualities.. Thus, there are collectors who offer exorbitant amounts of money for items that they could not obtain in any other way.

For a coin or bill to be worth millions, it must meet certain characteristics. This may be a unique edition, produced in a small number of copies, or a copy with minting or printing errors.

This is a 1 peso coin that is worth over $1,000.

Mercado Libre, the country’s main trading platform, has dozens of publications of bills and coins of different denominations and prices. Except, There are collectors who report that they buy examples with certain characteristics.

But in a sea of ​​mistakes, there is one that stands out from the rest. Near A 2010 1 Peso coin that has a special mintage error that causes its value to be $1,000.

bad coin

On the bimetallic coin (with a bronze-aluminum center and cupronickel ring), the engraving of the national coat of arms is clearly blurred, as if the machine responsible for engraving them had slipped. This error, visible to the naked eye, makes it a very valuable specimen.

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