What is the 700 million dollars that he seeks to ‘take away’ from the former Calderonista enough for? – The financial

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed that his government seeks retrieve the ill-gotten money that it be credited to Genaro Garcia Luna -Former Secretary of Security Felipe Calderon– during his trial in the United States for drug trafficking Y organized crime.

During his morning press conference on January 24, the Mexican president explained that the figure that Mexico seeks for the United States government to “return” amounts to 700 million dollars and that García Luna’s fortune is around billion dollars.

“What we are going to try to collect the money (from García Luna); what’s more, there is already a trial, 700 million dollars, in Florida. His lawyers stated that there was no reason for Mexico to go there to litigate and a court in Florida agreed with us; that is, yes we can and they are working on it, 700 million dollars and other possible assetsthat corresponds to us”, said AMLO in the National Palace.

This figure of 8 zeros is equivalent (at the current exchange rate) to just over 13 thousand 175 million pesos.

What is this money enough for AMLO?

13 thousand 175 million pesos seems like a lot of money concentrated in a single person; Nevertheless, It would not last long for AMLO if he decided to invest it in the emblematic social programs of his administration.

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