What is the best time of day to eat fruit? Two nutritionists answer

Living a healthy lifestyle means staying in good physical and mental health and eating a balanced and varied diet that adapts to each person’s needs and pace of life. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a healthy diet is one that includes the consumption of fruits, at least 400g or the equivalent of five servings of fruits and vegetables per daybecause of the enormous benefits that their varied consumption brings us, especially if we eat them raw or steamed.

Most fruits are low in calories, rich in fiber, various types of vitamins and minerals, and also contain natural sugars and antioxidant effects in some types of fruits, such as red berries. To drink it, we can choose from a wide variety: from bananas to apples, including grapes, oranges, peaches, watermelon, pears, raspberries, kiwis and many others.

Does the time of day at which we eat it matter?

It is advisable to choose seasonal fruits. For some food groups, the time of day we eat them largely determines how they affect our bodies and how effectively their benefits work.

Recommendations from nutritionists

In the case of fruits Dr. Elisabetta Macorsininutritionist and nutritionist, believes that “the answer is that there is no such thing as a good time: you can eat fruit any time of the day“.

However, the nutritionist Shikha Agarwalhealth and wellness consultant, states that The best time of day to eat fruit is sunset. because consuming it at this time “adapts to the body’s natural rhythm, which promotes better digestion and improves nutrient absorption during active hours. Eating the right fruits during this time can promote a healthier lifestyle as its beneficial effects are maximized,” says the expert.

And yet we must Consider the type of fruit, as there are certain times when eating it is more beneficial. In the morning, he recommends eating fruits such as berries or citrus fruits, which are rich in vitamin C. When midday comes, we should choose foods that help us digest food and do not fill us up, such as apples or pears. And at night, he recommends kiwi, cherries or cherimoya as they contain melatonin, which we need to regulate our sleep cycle and get good sleep.

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