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This is exactly the cost of gold and silver coins today, Saturday, December 30th.

As is the case with many assets, the buying and selling price of gold and silver coins is usually constantly changing, in this case because it depends on market movements, in particular the exchange rate of the peso against the dollar, as well as the price of these precious coins . metals internationally, which changes very regularly.

For this reason, when investing in these items, it is important to track them to check how their buying and selling prices change daily, which over time will allow us to recognize when it is a very opportune time to make a move that will be beneficial for our investment and performance improvement product.

Something similar happens with the distributors of these works, since it is possible to find a certain variation in their valuation depending on the institution in question, in addition to tracking how the purchase and sale price changes, it is important to make a comparison of the value offered by each of the distributors so that we can choose the one who offers the best offer, and therefore allow us to improve the performance of the product.

To do this, please note that all institutions authorized to buy and sell these works are:

  • Azteca Bank
  • Banorte
  • Banrejo
  • BBVA-Bankomer
  • Sibanco, SA
  • Mexican Mint
  • Interactive Museum of Economics of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Environmental solutions in Metales, SA de CV
  • Monedas Briggs SA de CV
  • Bank of Mexico (Banxico). There are some numismatic products that are distributed only by this institution.

So, to allow you to both monitor and compare, we share this information daily on this site, so today, Saturday, December 30th, the buying and selling prices of these works are as follows:

Azteca Bank

The official portal of Banco Azteca indicates that this banking institution sells only part of Plata Libertad, the value of which in the latest update of this asset today is:

Part Buy (MXN) Sale (MXN)
Silver ounce of freedom $403.00 $503.00
Liberty or hundred-year ounce: advantages and disadvantages of investing in these currencies
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Metals price indicators on the official Banorte portal indicate that they are selling these items for purchase and sale, the price of which in the latest update is:

Part Buy (MXN) Sale (MXN)
Aztec (gold 20 pesos) US$14,000.00 US$19,900.00
Hidalgo (gold 10 pesos) US$7000.00 US$9,950.00
1/2 Hidalgo (5 gold pesos) US$3500.00 $4,975.00
1/4 Hidalgo (2.5 gold pesos) US$1750.00 $2,488.00
1/5 Hidalgo (2 gold pesos) US$1400.00 US$1990.00
Centenary (50 gold pesos) US$37,500.00 US$48,000.00
Silver ounce of freedom $270.00 $425.00


The banking institution Banregio indicates on its official portal “Currency and Metals” that only the following products are available for sale in value:

Part Sales only (MXN)
Silver ounce $526.00
Century $47,003.00

Banker BBVA

BBVA Bancomer financial information shows the following indicators for the purchase and sale of metals:

Part Buy (MXN) Sale (MXN)
Golden ounce of freedom US$33,360.00 US$37,900.00
Silver ounce of freedom $425.00 $595.00
Century US$40,150.00 US$46,200.00

*The values ​​presented here are indicative as they are subject to constant market movements and even geographic region.

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