“What Lionel Messi did was wrong, we need players who respect the shirt and the club.”


Nasser Al Khelaifi in his interview with RMC Sport He not only talked about Kylian Mbappe. He CEO PSG touched on other topics besides the most important one – contract extension. “Turtle”.

Inter Miami announces new contract to accompany Messi; He was already a two-time MLS champion.

“I want Kilian to stay, that’s clear. He is the best player in the world and the best thing for him is PSG. This is the center of the project. In terms of sports, we gave him everything. “He has an agreement with me,” he said of the team’s star.

He also spoke optimistically about the club’s new phase without the “need for stars” following the departure of players such as Leo Messi And Neymar.

“We don’t need stars. Today’s star Paris Saint-Germain (…) NWe need players who respect the shirt, respect the club and give everything for the shield. for shirt Paris Saint-Germain

As for Argentina, Al-Khelaifi He said he had “great respect” for him but warned it was “wrong” for anyone to speak ill of PSG after his departure when asked about complaints about Messi’s treatment in Paris.

Messi “He’s the best player in history,” he began. “It was not easy for him to make the transition from Barcelona football club and come here suddenly. I have great respect for him. However, I do not agree that Paris Saint-Germain is being spoken about poorly. “I want players to talk while they’re at the club, not after.” Perhaps this is due to some words Messi said when the Argentine was already at Inter Miami.

PSG breaks silence and sends a strong message to Kylian Mbappe regarding his future

“He’s not a bad boy, but I don’t like it. It’s not just for him, it’s for everyone. We talk when we are here, not when we leave. “This is not our style,” he emphasized. RMC.


Al-Khelaifi He also addressed the question of why PSG reacted so coldly to the refusal to celebrate his victory. world Cup Messi: “We celebrate Messi not because he won the World Cup against Kylian Mbappe of France, but also because we are also a French club. So we didn’t do it to stop the fans from booing.”

Leo, a few months ago he said that he was the only one in Argentina national team who did not receive the honor of the winner Qatar World Cup 2022.

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