What movies to watch this weekend on Disney +, Netflix and Filmin: an arranged marriage, a drama that touches your heart and a “posthumous work” | Entertainment

Once again and like every Friday, we come loaded with film news that we are going to recommend for this weekend in May. Prepare popcorn here we come with 3 recommendations from Filmin, Netflix and Disney +.

The heat has already arrived and we are beginning to notice it with desire. However, nothing stops us and we return once again, like every Friday, to offer you the news that some platforms bring, for this weekend.

That is why we come with 3 recommendations from Filmin, Netflix and Disney+ for you to enjoy to the fullest, with good cinema.

Today we bring you two Spanish films, one comedy and the other a drama that will make your hair stand on end, with a performance by its ten-year-old protagonist. On the other hand, we will recommend one of the usual movies, one of those on a Sunday at home to spend it less depressed on Monday, although in some communities it is a holiday.

Guilt (2022), Filmin

This film, starring Manuela Vellés, is going to give us goosebumps since, our protagonist, will be sexually assaulted. Unable to communicate it and take off the weight he is carrying, he decides to isolate him in a cabin.

You will lose all kinds of relationships with your partner, parents and friends and He will take refuge in nature to try to recover and thus overcome his trauma.

Shame, pain and guilt will accompany her throughout the journey in which there will not only be room for hate.

The time of the monsters (2015), Netflix

This film, directed by Félix Sabroso, is going to introduce us to Víctor, a director tormented by having recorded several films and none of them being released, who gathers a group of his faithful followers on his deathbed to present his posthumous work.

in that environment A multitude of debates will arise about identity, the ego of the artists and many others, under the touch of comedy.

In the cast we find faces as well known as Javier Cámara, Candela Peña, Carmen Machi, Julián López or Secun De La Rosa.

The Proposal (2009), Disney+

Andrew Paxton, our protagonist played by Ryan Reynolds, has lived enslaved as an assistant under the orders of Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock), a tough New York editor.

However, she is going to face deportation for an expired visa, so will hatch a plan to avoid it: marry Andrew.

Pressured by an impending immigration interview, the two travel to Alaska to celebrate his grandmother’s birthday. How could it be otherwise, this “novelty” is going to cause problems and the weekend is going to become a spectacle for both of them having to act as a couple.

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