What new features does the Tesla Model 3 2024, which is already on sale in the USA, bring?

The updated Model 3 Highland has a new sleek front end for improved aerodynamics, but has a lower top speed. (Tesla)

It’s been about three months since then Tesla started selling an improved version Model 3 in Europe, China and the Middle East.

Now the 2024 version of the sedan is produced by the car company Elon Musk available for purchase in the US, Canada and Mexico and reaches North America with noticeable improvements in design and functionality.

The model is known internally as Highlandfeatures a more refined and aerodynamic appearance, a new hood and low-profile headlights, and two new colors: Stealth Grey. (Stealth Gray) and ultra red (Ultra red).

In addition, it will be offered in two different versions: Four-wheel drive large range, with two motors and more economical rear-wheel drive.

The front screen size remains the same at 15 inches, but it is brighter and has a thinner bezel. (Tesla)

As for its performance, Model 3 long It boasts an estimated range of up to 549 kilometers (341 miles), surpassing its predecessor’s 536 kilometers (333 miles). On the other hand, the rear-wheel drive model has a range of 438 kilometers (272 miles).

Tesla is reducing many of its listed ranges in response to a new US government regulation requiring vehicles to be tested to ensure accurate estimates.

Despite the updates, both models retain the same starting price as their last year counterparts.

However, they record a reduction in top speed, limited to 201 km/h, compared to 225 km/h for the 2023 and discontinued models. Performance, which reached a speed of 261 km/h (162 mph).

Inside the Tesla 2024 Model 3 is a new eight-inch rear display that controls functions such as the infotainment system and climate control. (Tesla)

Inside the Tesla 2024 Model 3 there is new rear window eight-inch, which controls elements such as the infotainment system and climate control.

front screen It’s still the same size, 15 inches, but it’s brighter and has a thinner bezel. The updated car also offers ventilated front seats, “softer and more refined materials” and an audio system with up to 17 speakers.

All 2024 Model 3s feature acoustic glass for a quieter driving experience and customizable ambient lighting.

New and old Tesla Model 3 design (not to scale): left – red, 2024 Model 3 “Highland” – gray, right. (Tesla)

The car’s appearance has also undergone some improvements: Tesla has integrated fog lights and indicators in the main headlights.

The 2024 Model 3 also ditched the front bumper with “optimized styling for maximum aerodynamics

In fact he was eliminated characteristic bulge in frontwith a sleeker bonnet and lower headlights compared to the previous model, which should mean greater range.

And at the rear, the headlights are connected completely, rather than in two separate parts.

The automaker, led by Elon Musk, achieved a 38% increase in global shipments. (REUTERS/Mike Blake)

Tesla increased car deliveries in 2023 to 1.81 million unitswhich represents an increase of 38% over the previous year.

The figure exceeds the expectations of analysts, who predicted that the number of vehicles would fall by about 1,300 in the final quarter of the year.

Elon Musk’s car company is known for its innovators. electric vehiclesemphasized that the majority of sales come from models Model 3 and Model Y. However, it was also recorded 68,874 deliveries other models in its production line.

The figures presented by Tesla in a brief statement also indicate that in the last quarter of last year there were approximately 495,000 cars and delivery more 484,000 units.

The American manufacturer announced that it had reached annual production 1.85 million cars in 2023, representing an increase of 35% compared to the previous year, an operational improvement that reflects the growing interest and adoption of electric vehicles worldwide.

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