What was given is over, Halo Infinite says goodbye to the seasons. The good news is that its creators are already focused on another project – Halo Infinite.

“They cook a lot of things here,” says 343 Industries.

It’s been a long time since Halo Infnite hit the market, the community’s interest has faded since its launch, but there are still players who enjoy its game. free multiplayer through Steam and Xbox Game Pass. However, all new parts of the Halo saga continue to attract fans of the genre. Today is the time to share both bad and good news in this regard.

As we said, Halo Infinite multiplayer will no longer receive new seasons, but will use a similar model to Halo: The Master Chief Collection. From now on you will receive content based on Operations, as revealed by 343 Industries in the latest video they uploaded to YouTube. This means that everyone We will receive minor updates in 4-6 weeks, with battle passes it’s not so complete. Thus, starting from January 30 we will receive new patch which will include more customization options, a new map, and additional additions for Halo Infinite’s Forge mode.

On the other hand, 343 Industries also indicated (via Gamingbolt) that they have already focused on new projects. It’s obvious that they’re going to cut back on Halo Infinite’s multiplayer support in order to focus more resources on their next game. “We have a team that works Halo Infinite support We continue to offer new content, but we also have additional teams that working on new projects. There’s a lot going on here,” says John Yunyshek, senior community manager for 343 Industries.

Halo Infinite battle royale would have to be cancelled, but a new game is on the way

A few days ago, we told you that Halo Battle Royale would be cancelled. According to rumors, its development began in 2020 with the participation of the company “Certain Affinity”, and there were 100 people preparation of the said project. However, Master Chief could be preparing his return, as the creators of Halo Infinite would working on a new saga game starting in 2022, according to a small detail that emerged from a former 343 Industries employee.

Considering all this and the latest statements from the developer, everything indicates that a new Halo game is due out in the next few yearsthere are even rumors that it will be in Unreal Engine 5, as reported by Bloomberg in early 2023. Of course, there are no details about anything, but at least we already know that “a lot of things are brewing.”

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