What was given is over. I saw the expansion that caps off 10 years of Destiny, and I found love and doubt in The Final Form – Destiny 2

Bungie is looking to bring closure to the story of Light and Darkness and a journey on a very personal level for players that can never be resolved.

For many, Destiny 2: Final Form (or Final form in Spanish) – “the end of a ten-year history.” And technically they’re right; but I think that doesn’t one hundred percent reflect what Bungie has in store with the inevitable expansion of its space MMO. There’s a nostalgic component to the downloads—symbolisms hidden in plain sight in music, dialogue, or environmental art—that are more likely to lead to something we’ll understand by the end your journey As a player.

A few days ago, Destiny 2’s weekly reboot left us with a CGI scene in which Raven (a character who in another life was Uldren Sov) crosses a portal into the Traveler and is immediately reunited with who was his mortal victim years ago, the Vanguard. hunter Cade-6. Bungie is making a camera game there that replicates a certain scene from Forsaken (2018), in which the same murder was solved, but switching the roles: now the sarcastic exo has the opportunity to pull the trigger, but chooses not to.

Even today, after campaigns like “The Witch Queen” and excellent seasons, the original is still remembered as one of the most dramatic and powerful moments in the game, although unfortunately you’ll have to turn to YouTube to experience it if you this was not done at that time. . My status as a Destiny 2 fanboy aside, I’d tell you that this approach when it comes to storytelling isn’t easy because we’re treading in rough material territory with one foot. fan serviceand this can lead to unfortunate cases, such as when a newbie doesn’t have the context to interpret key script points that he sees.

Will TFS be content with executing and closing its character threads, or can it go further? A few days ago, I had the opportunity to meet digitally with several Bungie employees to see campaign preview “Final Form” consisted of some of the first missions and the assault, and while it’s too early to tell how much of a really good story it will be on its own, it was clear to me at least that things were going pretty high in that mechanics and atmosphere this means.

What will D2 The Final Shape be like?

Without wanting to spoil too many details, I can say that the press demo was played on normal difficulty (I remind you to play on legendary the first time) slowly closing parts such as Prismatic Skills, combining the abilities of Light and Darkness at the same time; new faction of enemies, horrors; or the platforming and puzzle sections, which are even more scattered throughout the main route than before.

They showed me it would be fun. It remains to be seen whether he will be outstanding

Honestly, I think it’s too early to judge some things: when analysis time comes, we’ll dive into how difficult it is to deal with Horrors in a Grandmaster raid, or the extent to which Prismatic subclasses have the potential to outperform the rest. outdated. And this will require several tens of hours of experimentation and discovery of what it is. mysterious activity or the epilogue that Bungie leaves after the world’s first team completes the new raid on June 7th.

Meanwhile, we know for sure that the campaign route will be linear in the strictest sense of the word: from the portal inside the “Weak Heart of the Traveler” to the tower where the Witness, the main villain of the franchise, awaits, there is a straight line. us. . And although the first contact with the interior is wonderful (Bungie has never let you down with skybox) as we move forward everything becomes increasingly surrealwith formations that mix the everyday with increasingly shocking anthropomorphic or xenomorphic geometry.

The new D2 TFS attack will be as demanding as some of the others. Image: Bangui

I’ll be honest with you, it always seemed to me that the most charismatic Fate is the one that hints a lot and teaches little. Let me explain: in D1 there was a clear contrast between the mundaneness and dirt of the marauders climbing among the ruins of the Cosmodrome, and the huge white sphere located directly above them. It wasn’t a particularly talkative game (the lack of explanation was one of its most criticized aspects), but it was stimulating and mysterious.

As what was called “space magic” in 2014 disappeared, the extraordinary eventually merged with the everyday to such an extent that no one is impressed beyond the undeniable artistic and playful value that exists in their worlds. I think that, like me, many will enter the Faint Heart region with a certain cautious optimism: it is a region with a very powerful identity, but after so many years of demystifying paracausal phenomena, is there still room to surprise, to realize beyond fan service? It’s hard to say based on what I’ve seen, but I know this is what Bungie needs to aim for in order to move from normal to a satisfying end to your journey as a Guardian.

I can guarantee you a variety of visual components, ways of confronting enemies and developing an assault. You’ll see mechanics that are usually only found in dungeons and raids (like seeds, Aegis, etc.), as well as carefully crafted weapons: I haven’t seen anything yet that felt like an afterthought to me. It’s all good. This is Bungie, after all; It would be strange if he didn’t catch it in that sense. It remains to be seen whether this expansion will be memorable and unique enough to share the throne with the Taken King and the Witch Queen. We will dispel doubts during the week of June 4th.

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