What you need to know about Helldivers 2, the new co-op shooter coming out on February 8

Helldivers 2 will be released on February 8th. PlayStation 5 and you will need a Playstation Plus account to play. What is it about? Playstation’s official statement explains it this way: “In this third-person shooter (co-op), you’ll do more than just kill enemies, and your work will be vital to ensuring human prosperity throughout the cosmos. Your task will be to, together with your squad, return the lost colonies.”

Helldivers 2 pricing will be available at $39.99 on PlayStation Store..

And, in addition, it was announced that its content will be free in the future thanks to extensions.

Here’s how to play Helldivers II on PlayStation 5

Information about the game console.

Once your Helldiver is unfrozen on your ship, you and your companions can customize your armor, weapons, and stratagems to prepare for the mission.

Choosing your loadout is part of mission preparation: you’ll need to change your weapons not only depending on the level of destruction you want to cause, but also depending on the mission and the types of enemies you might face. Your most valuable resource as a helldiver is your stratagems: powerful tools that can be summoned with a simple button combination. You’ll have all sorts of tricks at your disposal, from airstrikes and Hell Pods that will have more powerful and impressive weapons, to defensive equipment and extra supplies on hand.

As you choose your strategies, coordination with your team will be essential to have the right arsenal for each enemy and mission type. If you’re fighting armored enemies like Finish Rammers, you or one of your comrades can use armor-piercing weapons like the AT-48 recoilless rifle or the reloadable AC-8 autocannon. techniques to make battles even more chaotic.

But don’t forget about defensive strategies! While one Helldiver takes care of the heavy artillery, another Helldiver can call in a shield generator to protect their comrades from advancing enemies. As a team of four, you can choose a combination of moves and weapons that will lead you to victory in unique ways.

When the Hell Pod lands on a planet, you can call in backup with your stratagems, including more powerful weapons, shield generators, and supply backpacks.

Each member of your squad can play in a different style: some will rush into battle, while others will require a sniper rifle with stealth to eliminate enemies from a safe distance. You can even evade enemies without being detected if your team manages to move carefully. They will have the freedom to decide how to spread controlled democracy: from hand to hand or through tactical strategy.

And once the action really starts, you’ll have to get used to death. Not only will you have to defend against the relentless enemy hordes, but you may also face a few stray bullets from the rest of your teammates. In any case, your team’s priority will be to use the Reinforcement strategy to summon a new Helldiver to the planet who can pick up the fight where you left off. You can even collect weapons left behind by your previous body.

Not only will you be able to enjoy team combat, but you will also be able to complete cooperative missions with your squad. All team members will be able to share locations with each other and move around the map together. You’ll also encounter additional objectives that will require you to traverse with your companions… and of course, they will also require more ammo! But your efforts will be rewarded.

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