WhatsApp, a feature cut after the last update: the details

A new update has brought a change in WhatsApp that has not escaped many. Now it is no longer possible to take an action.

WhatsApp eliminates a feature
WhatsApp deletes a Photo feature from the web

WhatsApp is the most popular application to the world regarding the exchange of messages. And on a regular basis, the engineers of the Meta galaxy, which also includes Facebook and Instagram, work to develop new features to be made available to millions of users around the world.

The green app is part of the habits of many of us, who use it at least once a day to communicate with the contacts in the address book. Not only in the form of text messages but also with voice, with images and with video, as well as with live video calls.

An internet connection is required for WhatsApp to work. WhatsApp itself has recently presented an update, identifiable with version, within which it is possible to notice an evident change.

WhatsApp, what happens after the last update

Photos from the web

Thanks to this latest introduction it is no longer present a quick pass which was used to be able to access the ability to edit the images shared with your contacts. A shortcut that appeared on the left of the screen and that made users enter the field where photos are edited.

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However, there are also many dangers that concern WhatsApp and that they can pose jeopardizing our accounts. Cybercriminals are always ready to hit us with new methods to steal our data, to be able to use it for their own purposes.

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And even stealing a WA profile can be used to empty the accounts of the unfortunate user who ends up falling for it. For this purpose it is essential to always keep the attention high and set all the security barriers of the case, including passwords and gestures.

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