WhatsApp starts 2024 with some changes: take a look at what they are

After Google decided that backups don’t require Google Drive storage, the WhatsApp app will be making some changes starting in 2024.

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Please note what the settings will be and how they should be used.

In 2023, the instant messaging app WhatsApp introduced several changes to its settings, which particularly focus on security.

However, in November 2023, Google announced on its support page that backups would not require Google Drive storage.

This forces people to consider some adjustments and changes regarding the use of information.

The above means that Google Photos, Gmail and the 15GB cloud will get extra capacity for using more gigabytes.

It is important to note that this measure will begin in 2024, although the exact date is not yet known. Users will be notified via message 30 days prior to changes being made.

Keep these settings on WhatsApp until the end of 2023.

To ensure you don’t have any problems with your digital cloud storage next year, follow these steps:

– You need to log into the WhatsApp application.
– Go to the “Settings” section.
– Then click where it says “Storage and Data.”
– Next, click “Manage Storage.”

After accessing this feature, a list of chats will appear. It is important to know that the ones that appear first are the heaviest.

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