When and where is the whooping cough vaccine administered in Madrid?

Whooping cough is an infectious disease that usually affects children and adolescents more.Community of Madrid

Whooping cough is infection very transmissive, provocative severe and uncontrollable cough which can last for weeks or even months. This week the Madrid Department of Health confirmed outbreak of this pathology in a family from Alcala de Henares and one more from 137 in Guadalajara.

To try to prevent this disease, there is a vaccine the use of which leads to very noticeable reduction in incidence and severity The same thing. Next we will tell you what it is protocol to be followed to get vaccinated against this virus and in times vital vaccination schedule dose must be administered.

pathogenic bacteria whooping cough is found in mouth, nose and throat. HE transmitted through the aircoughing or sneezing especially in a family setting or close coexistence.

In this sense it is usually affects children and adolescents morealthough, as a rule, children become infected through contact with their parents, siblings or regular caregivers. During first year of life when the disease can occur with increased severity.

This is pathology difficult diagnosisbecause initially it can looks like a simple cold. Whooping cough begins like a common cold: nasal congestion or runny nose, sneezing, and sometimes a cough or mild fever that appears about a week after exposure to the bacteria. However, as a reflection of this, after one or two weeks it may start a strong cough.

If you are not receiving treatment, a person can convey whooping cough from appearance of symptoms up to three weeks after the coughing episodes begin. He period of infection It comes down to five days after treatment with antibiotics.

Vaccination protocol

Vaccination is preventive strategy more effective for protection against whooping cough to the population. Must be administered in childhoodfollowing vaccination schedule forever.

vaccination of this doseproduces very noticeable decrease disease and its severity, but Complete eradication has never been achievedeven in countries that have been vaccinating for decades and have high vaccination coverage.

For protection of newbornspopulations that may suffer from the most severe cases of the disease need to be vaccination during pregnancy. Step antibodies across the placenta manages to protect the child during his first months of lifewhen he is not yet able to create his own defense.

Vaccine It is safe and indicated pregnant woman from 27 weeks of pregnancypreferably at 27 or 28 weeks, being The vaccine must be given every pregnancy. to protect the newborn.

In the case of women with suspicion of premature birth, What they need will be taken into account two weeks before giving birth achieve levels of protection in a newborn.

Where to get vaccinated

V Community of Madridvaccines, including whooping cough, are administered in all offices and medical centers Madrid Health Services. They are also used in Madrid City Council health centersand in centers accredited private who are involved in vaccinating health societies.

In addition, there is Madrid Community Vaccination Centerlocated at C/General Oráa 15, which carries out activities related to vaccination of the general population. Caring at this center upon request for appointment by phone 914111140 or through the website of the Ministry of Health.

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