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Christian Bale in Vice

Vice, 2018 film by Adam McKay tells the true story of one of the most influential American politicians of the last century, Dick Cheney, interpreted by Christian Bale. For the occasion, the British actor underwent one of his legendary physical transformations. In fact, he had to put on nearly twenty kilos, shave his head, whiten his eyebrows, strengthen his neck muscles and perfect the former president’s tic.

But not only. As the film tells of the many heart attacks of which Cheney suffered in real life, Bale studied the condition thoroughly. And this process of learning about the politician’s health conditions ended up saving the life of the director of the film. McKay in fact, he hypothesized that the first symptom of a heart attack was pain in the arm. But Bale on set she corrected him, explaining that, most commonly, the first symptoms of a heart attack are nausea and stomach pain. This information proved crucial to the director.

After indeed that the filming of Vice ended, the director, in an attempt to get rid of some of the weight he had gained during production, began training with a coach.

During our third workout I felt my hands tingle and I started to feel nauseous – McKay told Deadline. I’ve always thought that when you have a heart attack, you feel pain in your chest or arm. But then I remembered what Christian had told me. And at that moment, as I was bent double, I said, “Oh shit.” I ran upstairs and dumped a bunch of aspirin, called my wife who immediately called 911. I got to the hospital very quickly, and the doctor told me that since I had taken those meds and been quick, it wasn’t. done no harm and my heart was still very strong. This is because I remembered what Christian had told me

Just out of the hospital, McKay called Bale:

You or Dick Cheney just saved my life – McKay told the actor. After asking me repeatedly for 10 minutes if I was really okay, we started laughing.


And the episode also found a way into the movie.

My doctor sat me down and said: “Do you want to see your heart attack? ‘” – says the director. Put this thing on, this black and white photo showing the blocked artery. You see the block and then you see the wire that cleans it. Then you see the blood flow. As we talked about it, I said, “Can I get a copy?” I put it in the movie. So my cameo in the movie is my real heart attack.

Incredible, but true.

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