“When I broke my ACL, I needed to get rid of all these worries” | Relief

On the day Spain won the World Cup, Alexia Putellas broke her silence. Two-time Ballon d’Or winner and world champion. spoke of a new Alexia, a deeper Alexia, that he didn’t “wear headphones” and understood how the “industry” worked. In short, “less romantic” Alexia.

This process culminates now, almost a year later, with the premiere of the film his first global social project: Foundation Eleven. A foundation that responds to the Barça captain’s need to contribute to the development of women’s football and seek answers to the main problems that threaten it. Surrounded by friends, his family, Javi Puig, head of the Barça women’s club, and Elena Fort, Vice President of the club, the project was released in Seat Houselocated in the heart of Barcelona.

With a smile from ear to ear, Alexia’s eyes were full of pride. Xenia Casado, who was Barça’s speaker, was in charge of hosting the event. “My father would probably be very proud,” Alexia admitted emotionally.. His mother Elia and sister Alba witnessed this event. In fact, the first of them participated in the event. “When they were little, everything we had was for them,” Eli Segura recalled. The project will accept more than 300 girls, will be based in Molle del Valles and in the first year of its existence will already cross the ocean: Colombia, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

“Let them be who they want,” concluded Alexia Putellas. “We are used to playing and competing. Do everything to win. When I had a ligament problem, no matter how much I wanted to move forward, I couldn’t.” The world champion introduced himself. “This situation provoked me a little, I don’t know. I didn’t know how to express this creativity, it was always one of my concerns, a matter of opportunity for all girls,” she added.

As the midfielder has repeatedly admitted, an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee gave birth to a new Alexia. “The goal is to influence girls. We worked on this project for a year and a half,” he explained, under the watchful eye of the mayor of Molle del Valles and the director of the foundation in Latin America. And from Miriam, one of her best friends, who has a big responsibility: being a director.

“Alexia and I have known each other for a long time. I am dedicated to the social world. Whenever we talked about these issues, she told me that she wanted to change something, to do this, to create a community. Until one day she came and told me,” he detailed. “Football coaches and social educators will work together. Our idea is for girls from 6 to 18, depending on the location.”only.

“I’ve always been excited about opportunities for all girls.”

Alexia Putellas
Barça player

According to Alexia, The three main pillars that support the project are the love of football, creating a community in which they feel identified, and the third is that they feel represented and proud of them.. “Each one is different,” he added.

The event ended with an exhibition of paintings (from the studio NiseloferClaudia Gilbert), which will be auctioned and All profits will go to the Eleven Foundation.. Alexia Putellas takes another step towards becoming one of the greatest social and sporting leaders of our time.

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