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Walking is recognized as a fundamental health exercise, ideal not only for weight loss but also for overall well-being, especially for regulating blood sugar levels.

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According to the health and wellness portal Runners World, walking has many benefits:

  • Improves muscle response.
  • Reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Helps control blood pressure.
  • Optimizes respiratory and digestive functions.
  • Increases calorie expenditure.
  • Promotes weight control.
  • Additionally, it lowers blood glucose levels and may prevent type 2 diabetes.
Walking is one of the most recommended exercises for cardiovascular health and weight control. Photo: Pixabay.

How long should a diabetic walk?

Recent studies, including those published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine and cited Runner’s Worldindicate that walking speed is key to reaping blood sugar control benefits.

Flat Stomach at 50: This exercise is recommended by the Harvard School of Health to tone your core.

Increasing your pace with each kilometer is associated with a 9% lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

Walking at a moderate speed of 3-5 km/h reduces the risk of this disease by 15% compared to walking at a speed of less than 3 km/h, the aforementioned portal indicates.

The same carrier adds that increasing the speed to 5-6 km/h reduces the risk by 24%, and exceeding 6 km/h reduces it by 39%.

Therefore, to get the maximum benefit from walking for weight loss and blood sugar control, it is advisable to maintain a steady and challenging pace.

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When to Walk to Control Diabetes?

As Mens Health magazine notes, determining the optimal time for walking is a pressing issue.

Walking as an exercise – an activity that promotes physical and mental health | Photo: Pexels

The magazine cites a study published by the Journal of Sports Medicine that shows that a short walk, just two to five minutes after eatingmay have a positive effect on blood glucose control, which tends to rise about an hour after a meal.

This is a way to speed up weight loss and improve muscle strength while walking.

As for the time spent walking for weight loss, El Mundo notes that it is advisable to walk at least three times a week, devoting at least an hour each time to this activity.

It is important to realize that while walking speed should not be a rigid standard due to varying personal conditions, a combination of physical activity and adequate nutrition is recommended for a healthy lifestyle. (HEY)

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