When will Chicharito Hernandez officially arrive in Chivas?

Romance between Chicharito Hernandez And Chivas Rayadas from Guadalajara is about to reach his happy ending as it appears that one of the Guadalajara team’s prodigal sons is hours away from completing his new contract as various media outlets claim that his representative has already visited Mexico close the deal.

This has been noticed in recent days Javier Hernandez individual training in USAbecause the Aztec striker is loading it into his networks and demonstrating how his recovery will be ready for the next stage.

On live television, Javier Hernandez announced that he was very happy to come to Chivas and that, although it is not official yet, he wishes to return to Chivas. Guadalajara and his representative is already doing everything to become a strengthening of the red and white.

“How can I not worry? I’m returning to the team that saw me into the world, that gave me the opportunity to go out Europe. There have been negotiations, although it seems that there is certainty, there is also a lot of uncertainty, I know where I want to go, and I want to go there. Guadalajara“The striker said, without specifying when he will report to the team to start training and be introduced.

Hernandez Balcazar still doesn’t want to get there Guadalajara so as not to arouse additional suspicion, since they have not yet been able to close the contract and want to go to Mexico for his presentation, while remaining a trainer in Los Angeles and working on his rehabilitation.

This was announced last week via ESPN What Chicharito Hernandez have already reached an agreement with Chivaswho told him yes, and all he had to do was confirm his hiring and please his fans.

14 years ago Javier Hernandez decided, together with Jorge Vergaraleave Chivas and begin his experience in Europe as Manchester United noticed him and Alex Ferguson, manager at the time Red Devil, He turned to him for help when he saw his instinct to score, despite his youth.

The Mexican responded to his online debut with a T-shirt from the British giant.

Chicharo’s final years as a professional

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez He is not at his best and far behind was that disruptive player who could change the game at any moment, as in recent years Guadalajara has been talked about more about what he does on the street than on the pitch.

He suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. Chicharito last year and in which he was unable to continue playing and was dropped Los Angeles Galaxy, due to which Hernandez Balcazar was unable to officially return to the playing field, and one of his options is to return to the field. MX League.

Separation from his wife, little time spent with his children, his activities as a streamer and some additional activities have made Mexico’s top scorer look distracted, as well as the gossip that arises around him in Tricolor They are too powerful not to be considered again.

Chivas is not his last opportunity as his representative said he has received offers Europe, Arabia, MLS and other clubs in the city Liga MXBut Hernandez He is confident that he wants to restore his level in his favorite team and then finish his career with dignity, as he deserves.

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Chicharito already has a replacement at LA Galaxy.

According to an insider Tom Bogert The California team is going to close the transfer of the Brazilian striker Gabriel Peckcoming from Vasco da Gamafor close to $10 million, which would be the highest-valued contract in franchise history.

The arrival of the Brazilian will take place under the same conditions as with ‘Chicharito’ at that time, as he would receive franchise player status, albeit at a higher cost, as the then-Mexican arrived in MLS for almost $9 million from Sevilla in January 2020.

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