When will the toilet release a new album? Pop star in dit plus!

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After all, Katy Perry arouses the impatience of fans with her six-month album, which is the suite “Smile”, sorti à l’été 2020 and stands next to her in terms of success. The latest, living in residence “Play” in Las Vegas, singers and laisse échapper quelques mots révélateurs: ” If you don’t want anything for the songs “Witness” and “Smile”, then you don’t want to leak my six-month album ” Ensuite, source published in a British tabloid. Sun that the artist is married to Orlando Bloom and is working on “ son’s album le plus staff depuis deux ans ” : ” Elle fait ça selon ses propres context et c’est assez différent de tout ce qu’elle a fait jusqu’ici ” And a good new product for the public, a great tour will be on your program: “ After a lot of time has passed on the West Coast of the United States, it is ready to be dealt in a tournament. You have a variety of in-demand cars and pipes. The fair going along the routes brings a sensation! Wait until the end of 2024 (on tour) but everything will be an encore à l’étude

The Dailymotion player is on the charging train…

“Disco in my life”

But what did I think about the main interest? ” Je n’ai rien sorti in honor of my petite chérie Daisy (her girl was born in August 2020, ndlr). (…). from 3 years. Je vais revenir, mais laissez-moi faire proprement les chooses “confiait-elle l’été dernier. A little later they chose their appearance. On the red carpet at the Breakthrough Awards, the singer is presented with a small clear bag containing folded paper, the title page of which reads “KP6: Top Secret”, the code name for the six-month album. In parallel, the name “Harleys in Hawaii” continues its successful viral grace in the society.

Toujours jurée de “American Idol”, the translator of “Roar” is trusted Access to Hollywood about the return of crochet to America. And this is profit from the results of a musical grand tour. ” Il me reste juste à faire un disco dans lequel je me sens vraiment heureuses, entière et pleine d’amour “point, clearly very impatiently: ” Beaucoup d’artistes peuvent dire “Oh, c’est ennuyant, vous voulez faire de la musique plus difficile” mais en fait, c’est vraiment lumineux et joyeux, comme une vraie joie pure, de l’amusement, du jeu et de de holiday ” Several more days passed after the announced departure date. Roman à suivre…

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