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Cristiano Ronaldo became the highest paid soccer player in the world after signing with Al-Nassr of the Saudi Arabian League, with which he is going to start a new adventure after he did not find a team with any team from Europe.

El Bicho has already been introduced and begins to adjust to his new life, which is shaping up to be quite ostentatious, since it was revealed where he is going to be staying while they get him a house in Riyahd.

Where is Cristiano going to live in Arabia?

According to Daily Mail, the portuguese striker is going to experience the Kingdom Towerone of the tallest buildings in Saudi Arabia and characterized by being one of the most expensive and prestigious in the country.

It is known that said hotel gave the Bug one of his best suites during the month that it is contemplated to stay there, which is not even in its catalog, so it is unknown how much it costs to stay one night in that place.

CR7 will have all the amenities for him, his family, friends and security, since it consists of a couple of floors, with 17 rooms. In addition, it will have a large living room, private office, dining room, multimedia cinema, a second elegant dining room, a pantry, a living room and an executive study. In addition to having the best dishes in the world. It is estimated that the final account exceeds half a million pesos.


How much does CR7 earn with Al-Nassr?

It was made known that Cristiano Ronaldo will receive an annual salary of 214 million dollarswith which he is placed as the highest paid in the world above Kylian Mbappé and Lionel Messi.

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