Where is the fountain of eternal youth?

How many times have we heard the phrase “I am no longer the same person you met a few years ago.” And it is true, People change, but not always in the way they think. From a biological point of view, this question is very interesting, since the cells of the body are renewed over time, so each After a certain time, a person is almost completely renewed.

Renewal rates vary greatly depending on the fabric. While intestinal cells last only a few days, others can cycle for weeks, months or years, and some, like most neurons or eggs, will accompany us throughout our lives. However, during the renewal process, the newly created cells are not exactly the same as their predecessors because All living things suffer from a process called aging.

So far, 10 cellular mechanisms have been proposed that together could explain why mammals age. These 10 mechanisms, in turn, can divide into 3 groups depending on what part of the cell they affect: the inside of the cell, genetics or the cellular environment.

Human hair under a microscopeHuman hair under a microscope

Why are we turning gray? This is the science of hair aging.

Genetic role of aging

Our genome contains all the instructions for creating proteins that enable cellular metabolism. To do this, we have a specialized mechanism that can decipher the order of the molecules that make up the DNA chain and convert it into something that the cell can understand. Cell life depends on the integrity of the genome, therefore There are enzymes that are responsible for constantly correcting possible mutations.. Like everything in biology, these tools are imperfect, so Errors accumulate over time.

During cell division, DNA is duplicated and each copy is sent into the cell. With each division the probability of error increases, and gradually destabilization occurs in the genome. The consequence of this is that cellular metabolism is no longer as efficient, proteins are not produced correctly or it can even lead to premature cell death.

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