Where to eat near Martin Carpena in Malaga if you’re coming for the Copa del Rey

Spanish Cup Basketball is just around the corner and you need to get ready. A few days of real passion await us in Jose Maria Martin Carpena with a competition that expresses the essence of basketball as much as possible, four intense days, with a lot of baskets that will focus on Malagaespecially in the vicinity of the temple Unicaja. Therefore we are far-sighted and prepare a plan for the scattered, Where can we eat near Martin Carpena if you come for the Copa del Rey? Let’s look at a few restaurant options.

Trattoria Mama Franka

Without a doubt one of the best options in the area. A park Coast This Trattoria Mother Frank. This is a classic Italian restaurant where you can find high quality pasta and pizza, with many options and possibilities and with a very important aspect: they do not close until midnight. Their stuffed pasta—be careful with the pear and fig—or provolone is a sure hit.

Pike comrades

Another great option in the area. Coastal Park this is a restaurante Pike comrades, a fried seafood restaurant that doesn’t disappoint. Great product, lots of fried fish as well as fresh food at a quality and price that will make you want to repeat. Stuffed peppers should be a must-order if you’re passing by, as well as octopus or squid. What about anchovies?

Sushis Malaga

If you like Asian food, especially Japanese… Sushis you have your place. It’s less than a quarter of an hour from Martin Karpena and they offer one of the most comprehensive buffets in the entire capital at a price that, if you’re a good eater, is worth it. The level of the product and its execution is much higher compared to other buffets of this style. Plus the service is pretty fast.

Fifth quarter

It’s one of the newest openings in the area, recently renovated, and it’s the pavilion’s own restaurant, so intimacy is maximized. Is Fifth Room And the first impressions were very positive, an extensive menu for every taste: from hamburger to fillet and wok.


One of the classic attractions on Avenue Molière is Chokers, Huelva’s tavern, where tapas abound, will amaze any foreigner who can enjoy the essence of its extensive menu, among which chocolate, octopus, meatballs or tuna with onions stand out. Repeat. About 15 minutes from the stadium.

And one of the vacationers…

And if you go to Cup belonging Kingyou will spend a few days in Malaga and not try any of our tourists (sandwiches with typical round bread, in its simplest form there is York ham, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise). The area has several typical village places and restaurants serving burgers, recognized by lovers of the authentic Malaga sandwich. In fact, there are two of them on the same Camino del Pato, Sandwiches Juanma And Dallas. Both are good options to try one of their free range dishes – the chicken dish is a hit. On the other hand, a little further, in the Belem area, there is He A park (Avenida de Isaac Peral, 33) is perhaps one of the best options in the entire province.

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