Which actor and actress won the Oscar the year you were born?

The long-awaited Oscar Awards gala will take place on March 28a most notable event that in 2022 reaches its 94th edition. The first was held in May 1929 at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles commemorating the achievements of 1927 and 1928. On that occasion won in the categories of best actor and best actress Emil Jannings for ‘The Last Order’ and Janet Gaynorfor his roles in ‘The Seventh Heaven’, ‘The Fallen Angel’ and ‘Amanecer’.

Since then there have been many candidates who have attended the most important awards in the film industry dreaming of lifting the coveted statuette. The man who has achieved it the most times in all of history has been Daniel Day-Lewis, who has three in the category of best actor in six nominations. The same ones Frances McDormand has after her victory last year, although in the female category she is surpassed by a legendary actress: Katharine Hepburn, with four.

This year two Spanish actors, who are also a couple, compete in both categories. Javier Bardem comes with his third nomination for best actor with ‘Being The Ricardos’, although you already know what it’s like to win the Oscar for best supporting actor for ‘No Country for Old Men’. In the same way that Penélope Cruz, candidate again for best actress after her nomination in 2006 for ‘Back’. This time she does it with ‘Parallel Mothers’, with which she will try to win the second Oscar of her career after the one she won in 2008 as a supporting actress in ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’.

Next, we review year by year all the winners in the categories of best leading actress and best leading actor:

1929Janet Gaynor for ‘The seventh heaven’, ‘The angel of the street’ and ‘Dawn’, and Emil Jannings for ‘The Last Order’.

1930 Mary Pickford for ‘Flirty’ and Warner Baxter for ‘In Old Arizona’.

1931 Norm Shearer for ‘The divorcee’ and George Arliss for ‘Disraeli’.

1932 Marie Dressler for ‘Min & Bill’ and Lionel Barrymore for ‘Free Soul’.

1933 Helen Hayes for ‘The Sin of Madelon Claudet’ and fredric march by ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ and Wallace Beery by ‘The Champ’.

1934 Katharine Hepburn for ‘Glory of a day’ and Charles Laughton for ‘The Private Life of Henry VIII’.

1935 Claudette Colbert for ‘It Happened One Night’ and Clark Gable for ‘It Happened One Night’.

1936bette davis for ‘Dangerous’ and Victor McLaglen for ‘The informer’.

1937 louis rainer for ‘The Great Ziegfeld’ and Paul Muni for ‘The Story of Louis Pasteur’.

1938louis rainer for ‘The Good Earth’ and Spencer Tracey for ‘Captains Courageous’.

1939 bette davis by ‘Jezebel’ and Spencer Tracey for ‘Forge of men’.

1940 Vivien Leigh for ‘Gone with the Wind’ and Robert Donat for ‘Goodbye Mr. Chips’.

1941 ginger rogers by ‘Kitty Foyle’ and James Stewart for ‘Philadelphia Stories’.

1942 Joan Fontaine for ‘Suspicion’ and Gary Cooper for ‘Sergeant York’.

1943 Greer Garson for ‘Mrs. Miniver’ and james cagney for ‘Yankee Dandy’.

1944 Jennifer Jones for ‘The Song of Bernadette’ and Paul Lucas for ‘Alarm on the Rhine’.

[1945ingrid bergman for ‘Gaslight’ and Bring Cosby for ‘Following my path’.

1946Joan Crawford for ‘Alma en suplicio’ and Ray Milland for ‘Days without trace’.

1947 Olivia de Havilland for ‘The Intimate Life of Julia Norris’ and fredric march for ‘The best years of our lives’.

1948 Loretta Young for ‘A Woman’s Destiny’ and Ronald Coleman for ‘Double Life’.

1949 Jane Wyman by ‘Belinda’ and Laurence Oliver for ‘Hamlet’.

1950 Olivia de Havilland for ‘The Heiress’ and Broderick Crawford for ‘All the King’s Men’.

1951Judy Holiday for ‘Born Yesterday’ and Joseph Ferrer for ‘Cyrano de Bergerack’.

1952 Vivien Leigh for ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ and Humphrey Bogart for ‘The African Queen’.

1953 Shirley Booth for ‘Come back, little Sheba’ and Gary Cooper for ‘Only in the face of danger’.

1954Audrey Hepburn for ‘Roman Holiday’ and William Holden for ‘Traitor in Hell’.

1955Grace Kelly for ‘The anguish of living’ and Marlon Brando for ‘The law of silence’.

1956 anna magnani for ‘The Rose Tattoo’ and Ernest Borgnin by ‘Marty’.

1957 ingrid bergman by ‘Anastasia’ and yul brynner for ‘The King and I’.

1958 Joanne Woodwar for ‘The Three Faces of Eve’ and alec guinness for ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’.

1959 Susan Hayward for ‘I want to live!’ and David Niven for ‘Separate tables’.

Susan Hayward.


Susan Hayward.

1960 Simone Signoret for ‘A Place at the Top’ and charlton heston for ‘Ben Hur’.

1961 elizabeth taylor for ‘Butterfield 8′ and burt lancaster by ‘Elmer Gantry’.

1962sophia loren for ‘Two Women’ and Maximilian Schell by ‘Winners or losers?’.

1963 Anne Bancroft for ‘The Miracle of Anna Sullivan’ and Gregory Peck for ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’.

1964 Patricia Neal by ‘Hud’ and Sidney Poitier for ‘The lilies of the valley’.

1965 Julie Andrews for ‘Mary Poppins’ and Rex Harrison for ‘My Fair Lady’.

1966 Julie Christie by ‘Darling’ and Lee Marvin for ‘The naive explosive’.

1967elizabeth taylor for ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ and Paul Scofield for ‘A man for eternity’.

1968Katharine Hepburn for ‘Guess who’s coming to dinner tonight’ and Rod Steiger for ‘In the heat of the night’.

1969 Katharine Hepburn for ‘The Lion in Winter’ and Barbra Streisand for ‘A Funny Girl’, and cliff robertson by ‘Charlie’

1970 Maggie Smith for ‘The Prime of Miss Brodie’ and John Wayne for ‘Value of law’.

1971 glenda jackson for ‘Women in Love’ and George C Scott by ‘Patton’.

1972 jane fonda by ‘Klute’ and Gene Hackman for ‘Against the drug empire’.

1973Liza Minelli for ‘Cabaret’ and Marlon Brando for ‘The Godfather’.

1974 glenda jackson for ‘A Touch of Class’ and Jack Lemon for ‘Save the Tiger’.

1975Ellen Burstin for ‘Alicia doesn’t live here anymore’ and Art Carney for ‘Harry and Tonto’.

1976Louise Fletch for ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ and Jack Nicholson for ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’.

1977 Faye Dunaway for ‘An Unforgiving World’ and peter finch for ‘A Relentless World’.

1978 Diane Keaton by ‘Annie Hall’ and Richard Dreyfuss for ‘The Goodbye Girl’.

1979 jane fonda for ‘The Return’ and Jon Voight for ‘The Return’.

1980Sally Field by ‘Norm Rae’ and Dustin Hoffmann for ‘Kramer vs. Kramer’.

1981 sissy spacek for ‘I want to be free’ and robert deniro for ‘Raging Bull’.

1982 Katharine Hepburn for ‘On Golden Pond’ and Henry Fonda for ‘On Golden Pond’.

1983meryl streep for ‘Sophie’s Choice’ and Ben Kingsley by ‘Gandhi’.

1984 Shirley McLaine for ‘The force of affection’ and Robert Duvall for ‘Thank you and favors’.

1985 Sally Field for ‘In a place of the heart’ and F.Murray Abraham for ‘Amadeus’.

1986 Geraldine Page for ‘Back to Bountiful’ and William Hurt for ‘Kiss of the Spider Woman’.

1987Marlee Matlin for ‘Children of a lesser god’ and Paul Newman for ‘The Color of Money’.

1988cher for ‘Moon Spell’ and michael douglas for ‘Wall Street’.

1989 Jodie Foster by ‘Accused’ and Dustin Hoffmann for ‘Rain Man’.

1990Jessica Tandy for ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ and Daniel Day-Lewis for ‘My left foot’.

1991 Katy Bates for ‘Misery’ and Jeremy Irons for ‘The Von Bülow Mystery’.

1992 Jodie Foster for ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ and Anthony Hopkins for ‘The Silence of the Lambs’.

1993 emma thompson for ‘Back to Howards End’ and Al Pacino for ‘Essence of a woman’.

1994 Holly Hunter for ‘The piano’ and Tom Hanks for ‘Philadelphia’.

nineteen ninety fiveJessica Lang by ‘Blue Sky’ and Tom Hanks by ‘Forrest Gump’.

nineteen ninety six susan sarandon for ‘Death penalty’ and Nicolas Cage for ‘Leaving Las Vegas’.

1997 Frances McDormand by ‘Fargo’ and Geoffrey Rush for ‘Shining of Genius’.

1998Helen Hunt for ‘Better… impossible’ and Jack Nicholson for ‘Better… impossible’.

1999 Gwyneth Paltrow for ‘Shakespeare in Love’ and Robert Benigni for ‘Life is beautiful’.

2000 Hillary Swank for ‘Boys don’t cry’ and kevin spacey for ‘American Beauty’.

2001 Julia Roberts by ‘Erin Brockovich’ and Russell Crowe for ‘Gladiators’.

2002 Halle Berry for ‘Monster’s Ball’ and Denzel Washington for ‘Training Day’.

2003 Nicole Kidman for ‘The Hours’ and Adrian Brody for ‘The Pianist’.

2004 Charlize Theron by ‘Monster’ and Sean Penn for ‘Mystic River’.

2005Hillary Swank for ‘Million dollar baby’ and Jamie Foxx by ‘ray’.

2006 Reese witherspoon for ‘On the Tightrope’ and Philip Seymour Hoffmann for ‘capote’

2007 Helen Mirren for ‘The Queen’ and Forest Whitaker for ‘The Last King of Scotland’.

2008 Marion Cotillard for ‘Life in Pink’ and Daniel Day-Lewis for ‘Wells of ambition’.

2009 Kate Winslet by ‘The reader’ and Sean Penn for ‘My name is Harvey Milk’.

2010 Sandra Bullock for ‘A possible dream’ and Jeff Bridges for ‘Rebellious Heart’.

2011 Natalie Portman for ‘Black Swan’ and Colin Firth for ‘The King’s Speech’.

Colin Firth.


Colin Firth.

2012 meryl streep for ‘The Iron Lady’ and Jean Dugard by ‘The Artist’.

2013 Jennifer Lawrence for ‘The good side of things’ and Daniel Day-Lewis for ‘Lincoln’.

2014 Cate Blanchett for ‘Blue Jasmine’ and Matthew McConaughey by ‘Dallas Buyers Club’.

2015 Julian Moore for ‘Always Alice’ and Eddie Redmayne for ‘The Theory of Everything’.

2016Brie Larson for ‘The room’ and Leonardo Dicaprio for ‘The Revenant’.

2017Emma Stone by ‘La La Land’ and Casey Affleck for ‘Manchester by the sea’.

2018Frances McDormand for ‘Three advertisements in the suburbs’ and Gary Oldman for ‘The darkest moment’.

2019 Olivia Coleman for ‘The favourite’ and rami maleck for ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

2020 Renée Zellweger by ‘Judy’ and joaquin phoenix for ‘Joker’.

2021Frances McDormand for ‘Nomadland’ and Anthony Hopkins for ‘The Father’.

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