who are hiding under the costumes of the three “Mask Singer” finalists?

DECRYPTION – The third edition of entertainment hosted by Camille Combal ends Friday evening with the last three celebrities in competition whose identity is more or less uncertain. Check out our predictions.

After two disappointing first seasons in terms of casting, the production of “Mask Singer” has offered an attractive and surprising third edition. Recorded in July 2021 and broadcast in the spring of 2022 on TF1, it opposed a dozen costumed personalities with the exceptional intervention of two guest investigators (Anne Roumanoff and Kendji Girac) alongside Kev Adams, Alessandra Sublet, Anggun and Jarry, and of two major international stars (the American actress Teri Hatcher in the costume of the ladybug and the British singer Seal in that of the cowboy). With contributions from Gilbert Montagné (the tree), Alain Bernard (the hermit crab), Sylvie Tellier (the chameleon), Yves Camdeborde (the pig), Pierre Palmade (the cosmonaut) and of Maud Fontenoy (the coral fish), the “Mask Singer” teams have managed to bring together personalities from various backgrounds and with undeniable notoriety. The stroke of genius is embodied by the imitator Marc-Antoine Le Bret, the first participant in the history of the format in the world to put on two different costumes (the tigress and the crocodile) in the same season and to manage to bluff everyone world.

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A mystery will remain at the end of the finale of this season 3 of “Mask Singer”, that of the twelfth personality who was to participate but who was injured just before the first evening. We will not know her identity or the costume she was to wear. On the other hand, viewers will know on Friday evening the identity of the last three participants and the name of the person who will succeed Laurence Boccolini and Larusso on the show’s list of winners. In six evenings broadcast on TF1 since April 1, many clues have been given about the personalities hidden under the banana, deer and butterfly costumes and their voices have been heard at each of their performances.

Valérie Bègue in the banana costume

Listening to the banana sing, there was no doubt that a singer was hiding in the costume of the yellow fruit. On Born this way by Lady Gaga, wrecking ball of Miley Cyrus or even don’t stop the music of Rihanna, we have long had the impression of hearing Chimène Badi. But no clue corresponded with the singer revealed in 2002 in “Popstars”. During the fourth broadcast, Anggun wisely mentioned the name of Valérie Bègue who had shown her vocal abilities in 2013 on M6 in the program “Un air de star”. The indices relating to France and the year 2007 (when she became Miss France), with the numbers “7, 9, 1, 4, 0” (put back in order, 97410 is the postal code of Saint-Pierre in La Réunion), bread and pastries (she played in The baker’s wife) or to Marie-Anne Chazel (she played alongside him in As long as there is love ) are all indications that converge towards it.

Valérie Bègue in the banana costume from “Mask Singer”

Valérie Bègue in the banana costume from “Mask Singer” TF1 screen capture

Laurent Ournac in the skin of the deer

The actor revealed in 2005 on TF1 in “My incredible fiancé” then made famous in the series Camping Paradise is much less known for his singing abilities. And yet, Laurent Ournac is skilled with his voice and it is relatively recognizable. Among the clues, Robin Hood’s costume refers to his role in the TV movie The black archer broadcast on France 3, the filming clapperboard to his experiences as a director of Camping Paradisethe angel to his participation in Josephine, guardian angelthe rainbow flag because he played in the play The Gay Marriage or even the multiple references to “Dancing with the Stars” in which he appeared as a candidate and then as a host.

Laurent Ournac in the deer costume of “Mask Singer”

Laurent Ournac in the deer costume of “Mask Singer” TF1 screen capture

Denitsa Ikonomova makes the butterfly sing

The similarities between the casts of “Dancing with the Stars” and “Mask Singer” are numerous in the space of three seasons. Sheila, Lio, Joyce Jonathan, Valérie Damidot, Djibril Cissé, Liane Foly, Basile Boli, Karine Ferri and Sylvie Tellier are all personalities to have participated in both programs as a candidate. Denitsa Ikonomova, a four-time winner as a professional dancer and season 11 juror, would be the first in her list. The references to her numerous victories, to her long travels (she was born in Bulgaria and lived in Canada), to India (she contributed to the choreographies of the television Love at first sight in Jaipur) agree. During the third broadcast, the GPS coordinates inscribed in the decor corresponded to Montreal. Added to this, a noticeable accent during the performance of each of her songs reinforces the likelihood that Denitsa Ikonomova is the butterfly of “Mask Singer”.

Denitsa Ikonomova in the butterfly costume from “Mask Singer”

Denitsa Ikonomova in the butterfly costume from “Mask Singer” TF1 screen capture

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