Who can save Scream 7 after the main actresses leave?

La fin de l’année 2023 will mark the debut of the côchemard in the coulisse des Scream 7. The terrifyingly ambitious franchise Revenir très prochainement sur nos écrans, after a sixty-year hiatus, has been delivered to the public. Fort de ses 169 million dollar recipes, Scream 6 I have proven that Ghostface avait encore de beaux jours devant lui. These final two films also focus on Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega as the new faces of the universe following Neve Campbell’s departure in 2022. Le projet doit désormais faire sans elles, et sans son realisateur. In December 2010, Christopher Landon announced his retirement. Celui à qui l’on doit Happy birthday The reasons for the son’s departure are not exact, the meme from the point of view of working without the two main actresses has nothing to do with the advantages of the radioissants.

The previous November, Melissa Barrera must have come up with a proposal to become a permanent participant in social resolutions within the framework of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Temporarily after expulsion, Jenna Ortega lays claim to the throne, the official reward for the second season of the season Mercredi pour Netflix. Facing a vague departure narrative, Christopher Landon seems to have chosen to leave for the finale by going on a journey through Navir. Explanation:

“C’était le job de rêve et c’est devenu un cauchemar. My heart goes out to all the families involved. Us. “Mais il est temps de passer à autre chosen.”

Ces annonces ne devraient néanmoins pas Signer la fin du parcours de Scream 7. Selon Diversity, the project will encounter a creative “redémarrage” and “Lorgne sur ses anciennes vedettes”. In the American media there was a terrible tragedy between Courteney Cox and Neve Campbell on the first line. For the descent downhill, this day awaits the exit from the franchise in 2022 after the salary difference. She doesn’t respect that she pays for arrogance, importance in history and care for Estampile. Two years later, Campbell had no way of returning.

In good conditions

At the BAFTA Tea party in Beverly Hills, Neve Campbell confided in journalist Marc Malkin. Questioning the rumors that circulate in his life, the actress does not contradict this idea. “Honnêtement, I don’t know any ideas about projects. I say that many have chosen the past autour de villages and je suis qu’ils tournent un peu en rond en ce moment. These films are “competent” for our fans and “competent” for the fans. Je vais parfois à des Conventions for les Rencontrer et ils sont fous de ses Films. “Pour eux, j’aimerais que cela continue”. Elle ajoute meme se voir revenir dans de “pleasant circumstances”

For the descent, Patrick Dewey’s name was also evoked by a photograph of this potential in the seven-year flight. Actor, celebrity for Gray’s Anatomy, wait for reconnection with the Temps d’un Opus team. Another meme that Scream 7 Sonnait comme le début d’une nouvelle ère pour la licence, ce nouvel opus devrait will finally feel like a person who can be found. Encore faut-il qu’un cinéaste hesitant to become the main character in this project?

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