Who is Addison Rae’s boyfriend, Israeli music producer Omer Fedi? The 23-year-old TikTokker has written songs for Justin Bieber, Kid Laroi, Avril Lavigne, Machine Gun Kelly and Halsey.

There’s no doubt that tik tok influencer Addison Rae and her beau Omer Fedi have undergone many style transformations since they first stepped into the spotlight, both as a couple and individually.
TikTok influencer Addison Rae wears makeup from her beauty brand Item Beauty. Photo: Instagram
Although you may remember that man Ray was ginger The punk rocker by her side on the red carpet appears to have changed his look for good after he was spotted last year with much less hair than before. According to HITC, Rae gave her boyfriend a short haircut in early 2023, and he’s been keeping it ever since.
Omer Fedi and Addison Rae together at Paris Fashion Week 2022. Photo: Getty Images

In January this year, the couple was seen going out in Los Angeles and couldn’t stop smiling, British media reported.

Here’s what we know about 23-year-old Israeli native Omer Fedi.

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Omer Fedi is an Israeli producer and songwriter.

Omer Fedi is known for his guitar playing skills and red hair. Photo: @omerfedifam/Instagram

Fedya is a songwriter. According to his Spotify page, his latest release was The Kid Laroi’s The First Time, released last November.

He also wrote “Stay” with Justin Bieber and The Kid Laroi, which has 2.9 billion streams on the platform, Lil Nas, “Unholy” by Sam Smith and Kim Petras, “Forget Me Too (feat. Halsey)” by Machine Gun Kelly, Avril . “Bite Me” by Lavigne and many other hits.

He plays the guitar

Omer Fedi was born in Israel. Photo: @omerfedifam/Instagram

Fedi is known for his guitar playing skills.

In one interview he gave to Baz Luhrmann for Interview Magazine in 2022, Elvis The director even told him: “Young legend! “I knew you’d be there with your guitar!”

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How long have Addison Rae and Omer Fedi been together?

Omer Fedi and Addison Rae made their relationship official on Instagram in August 2021. Photo: @omerfedifam/Instagram

Although they didn’t become Instagram official until August 2021, People reported that rumors of their relationship began spreading a month before that, when Rae was spotted at a Machine Gun Kelly concert where Fedi was performing.

She attended the event with Megan Fox And Kourtney Kardashian, according to the magazine. A few days later, Ray and Fedi were spotted shopping at the upscale Erewhon Market in West Hollywood.

How did Addison Rae meet Omer Fedi?

Kid Laroi, for whom Omer Fedi produced records, says he may have been the reason Addison Rae and Omer Fedi first met. Photo: FilmMagic
Some fans speculate that Ray and Fedi could have met at an MGK concert, but Kid Laroi you suggested something else.

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