Who is alias ‘Fito’, the gang leader whom the government did not find in the regional jail during the operation? Security news

“We have a good plan, but don’t tell it to anyone. Fito…” This phrase was said a few days ago by President Daniel Ngoboa during an interview in which the issue of insecurity was addressed.

Thus the President was referring to a high-profile prisoner lodged in the regional jail. Adolfo M., surname FitoLeader of the organized crime group Los Choneros.

Fito It became a trend this Sunday, January 7, 2024, when it emerged that he had escaped from the regional jail.

Prosecutor’s Office opens investigation into alleged escape of nicknamed ‘Fito’ from prison

Just around 8:00 p.m., the Prosecutor’s Office announced that it had – ex officio – opened an investigation into the alleged escape of prisoner Adolfo MV, aka. FitoLeader of the criminal group Los Choneros.

Police Commander Cesar Zapata said tonight that when they entered the prison they did not find a prisoner. “Police and FF. A.A. “They continue to investigate,” he explained.

The officer indicated that in the afternoon the Prosecutor’s Office went to the prison to verify that surname Fito Was not in place.

During this Sunday, a few hours before the Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the alleged theft, the former Minister of the Interior, José Serrano, revealed on his social networks that the surname ‘Fito’ had fled.

He posted, “Also the most dangerous criminal Fito, who was left in jail, escapes (all the rest have been murdered or have already been released).”

Furthermore, in another post, Serrano indicated that “the cell or “suite” in which Fito was “living” was found to be impeccably “cleaned”, having been “packed” with all the criminal’s belongings, including watches, weapons. It was the time of “Whisky, cell phone, laptop…he took everything with him, because he said he would not come back.”

As X Network’s digital accounts revealed, Serrano also denied that the alias ‘Fito’ is dead.

After the Security Council meeting, Communications Secretary Roberto Izurieta said that more than 3,000 people are involved in the operation carried out this Sunday, which has intervened in the prison in search of the prisoner.

He said the operation was ongoing and no further details could be given.

“We are confident that in this situation of violence with the characteristics of some of these almost terrorist criminals, in such an evolving situation, we are confident that with the support of the armed forces, the police and their professionalism, we will successfully complete this search ”, he indicated.

Surname Fito Since 2011, he was sentenced to 34 years in prison for crimes such as organized crime, drug trafficking and murder.

Is the narcorrido trying to enter Ecuador? What is this subgenre and why was it banned in some Mexican cities?

During the government of Guillermo Lasso he left Fito For La Roca, but weeks later he managed to return to the regional.

The prisoner has been in the news in recent years after he took command of Los Choneros after the murder of Jose Luis Zambrano, aka. J.L.also know as Ruskina,

Before that murder, Fito he was the right hand man of the clan Ruskina, And after his death, Fito And J.R. He took over the leadership of this group.

Choneros is a criminal gang that appeared in Choane in the late 90s. One of the founders was Jorge Bismarck Veliz España, nicknamed lieutenant spain,

Drug trafficking, hitmen and other crimes belonged to this gang, which became involved in drug trafficking over the years.

Fito He was first arrested for robbery in 2000. But since his death his name was rising in the public domain. Ruskina And the problems that have arisen in prisons.

On Wednesday 17th November 2021 it was revealed that alias has a daughter Fito He was kidnapped in Manta. He was released after a few days.

Military and police operations are deployed in prison number 4 of Guayaquil

In September 2023, Los Choneros leader Adolfo M. appeared in a video of a narcorrido, which included some scenes recorded in the regional jail.

SNAI indicated at the time that it “did not authorize the entry of audiovisual recording equipment or production companies into the aforementioned prison facility.” (yo)

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