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The singer Jose Luis Rodriguezbetter known as ‘El Puma’, has plenty of reasons to inflate his chest and feel proud and we don’t just say this because of his musical success over the years, but because of how well all his daughters are doing, although this time we will focus on the least of all, Genesis Rodriguez.

The smallest of the ‘Puma’ treasures is already 34 years old and has built an impeccable acting career in the United States, especially in recent months thanks to the series “The Umbrella Academy”, which just a week ago premiered its third season, reaching very good audience levels around the world.

In the aforementioned Netflix series, Genesis plays the role of Sloane, a girl who also has superpowers, specifically that of controlling and defying the law of gravity. Although she does not have much relevance unlike other leading characters in the production, her presence there is synonymous with how well she has done and that she has a very promising career.

In addition to all the triumphs in her career, the girl has also been very successful in the love field, since she has a relationship with Brian Geraghtywho we will talk about in this note, since for many he is an unknown person, although for others he is the opposite.

Sloan Hargreeves of "The Umbrella Academy" is played by Genesis Rodríguez (Photo: Netflix)
Sloan Hargreeves from “The Umbrella Academy” is played by Genesis Rodríguez (Photo: Netflix)


Like Genesis RodriguezBrian Geraghty is an actor who has made a large number of movies and series in the United States, accumulating a large number of fans who recognize him for his talent.

His most important participation in Hollywood cinema is probably in “The Hurt Locker”, a film that won the Oscar for best feature film in 2019. There he had the character of Owen Eldridge. He also participated in “The Flight” with Denzel Washington.

He had appearances in some series such as “Law and order”, in which he plays in an episode a criminal who intentionally infects women with HIV.

He was also in the cast of “Chicago PD”, playing the role of officer Sean Roman. What’s more, he gets to make appearances on “Chicago Fire.”

How did Brian Geraghty and Genésis Rodríguez meet?

Both actors met in 2020 when they participated in the series “El fugitivo”. Since then, both have maintained a sentimental relationship that is often also reflected in social networks with tender and funny publications.



Full name: Brian Timothy Geraghty

Date of Birth: May 13, 1975

Age: 47 years

Place of birth: New Jersey, United States

Profession: actor

Instagram: @briangeraghty13

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