Who is Dinorah Figuera, the doctor who replaced Juan Guaidó in the presidency of the opposition National Assembly

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Dinorah Figuera

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Dinorah Figueras.

The National Assembly of Venezuela, elected in 2015, has appointed a new leadership, officially ending the era of Juan Guaidó.

The so-called opposition Assembly, which exists in parallel to the pro-government Assembly, appointed this Thursday as its new president the former deputy Dinorah Figuera of the Primero Justicia political party, who will hold office from Spain, where she lives in exile.

Last week, the Venezuelan opposition ousted Juan Guaidó, who had been the leading figure in Venezuela’s fractured opposition since 2019, and eliminated the “interim government” after calling President Nicolás Maduro’s 2018 re-election fraudulent.

The United States and other Western governments had endorsed Guaidó as “interim president.”

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