Who is Faisal Buresli, the friend through whom Jota Peleteiro converted to Islam

lnews about Conversion to Islam of former Spanish football player Jota Peleteiro continues to make headlines. Ex-boyfriend’s decision Jessica Bueno This was very surprising in its unexpectedness, after the Al-Qabas portal confirmed it through a video. Many were unknown what surrounded the athlete’s decision, but apparently everything This could be due to his relationship with Faisal Buresli., Peleteiro’s friend and business partner. The relationship between them is very close and has a long history.

According to various media reports, the relationship between the two It started in 2013so Hota and Faisal had known each other for 11 years when they met in USA. After leaving the world of football, Jota began to visit his friend in Kuwaitwhich over the years he came to classify as “Brother“It was through him that he learned Muslim religionwhich he now decided to accept as his own.

Faisal Buresli, Jota’s friend, in an image posted online. INSTAGRAM

This news, although his friend was already aware, surprised youbecause Buresli at first did not believe Peleteiro’s words when two months ago He confessed his intention to convert to Islam.. Apparently, everything arose due to trip of the former Spanish football player to the country of Kuwait, where Buresley is from. This place and its customs captivated him, and after this trip the idea began to emerge.

Who is Faisal Buresli, Jota Peleteiro’s Kuwaiti friend?

Little is known about Buresley’s life. On his social media, he devotes himself almost exclusively to showcasing his side as a businessman.. His profile contains almost no photos from other places, although Peleteiro’s company has them. He is 39 years old and currently works as the executive director of a high-performance center. of your property.

Buresli shares with Peleteiro his passion for footballalso reaching compete as a professional in the leagues of his country, Kuwait. Although little is known about his career, the man has certainly played in matches Kuwait first and second divisionalso playing in a neighboring country Saudi Arabia. During their careers such teams as Kazma SKHe Qadsia SK or Al-Salmiya SC. After passing through the world of football, he made the leap into businesswhere he is currently the CEO of his own High Performance Center called TFB.

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