Who is Hazel, daughter Julia Roberts sent to the festival


Back to Saturday 10 July. Red carpet, in Cannes 2021, by Flag Day by Sean Penn. All eyes are on the front row: the director / star protagonist and Dylan. The daughter who is the absolute protagonist in the film (with him as her father also in fiction) …

But never stop at the first row. Just a little further back, on the film’s red carpet, there are Daniel Moder and Hazel. Father and daughter too. Missing mom Julia Roberts.

hazel moder daughter julia roberts cannes 2021

Pretty like mom Julia Roberts. She is Hazel Moder, 16 and daughter of the diva and Daniel Moder, director of photography on Sean Penn’s Flag Day. The teenager replaced mum, alongside dad on the film’s red carpet at Cannes 2021

Cannes 2021: family festival

After all, at Cannes 2021, on and off the screen, only generations have been seen in comparison. Parents and children. Fathers (especially) and sons / daughters … From Annette to Lingui, from Flag Day to Three floors, from Tout s’est bien passé to Petrov’s Flu, from The croisade And Titane. But also The French Dispatch, where all are “children” of the publisher / founder of the newspaper, played by Bill Murray …

flag day cannes 2021 sean penn dylan penn

Dylan Penn and Sean Penn in Flag Day. They are Jennifer and John Vogel, daughter and father, from the 70s to the 90s: she will become a journalist, he is one of the biggest scammers in US history

Families on the red carpet, even ghost format

And on the red carpet we admired Charlotte Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, Dylan Penn with dad Sean, Tim Roth with Michael CormacTilda Swinton and Honor… When they were alone, the boys were always accompanied by their father’s “ghost”: Jack and Mercedes Kilmer by their father Val Kilmer. Iris Law from the absence / presence of dad Jude …

iris law jude law cannes 2021

Iris Law, 20, daughter of Jude Law and Sadie Frost. Model and actress on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival 2021. Photo Getty

Pretty Hazel

Hazel is 16 and the daughter of Pretty Woman and Daniel, director of photography for Flag Day. With Julia Roberts they met and fell in love while filming The Mexican, in 2000. The wedding came on July 4, 2002. On November 28, 2004, Hazel and Phinnaeus were born. Three years, Herry was born.

Hazel at 16 and with the ponytail found herself on the red carpet of the film, next to dad. Sent by her mother to replace her on the Montée des Marches where she took off her shoes in 2016 …

jodie foster cannes

At Cannes 2016, mother Julia Roberts made her legendary Montée des Marches barefoot. Getty photo

Hazel and dad

Hazel much more shy than mom was hand in hand with dad the whole time. This is really his first official appearance. Mom and dad have always kept her and the brothers out of the spotlight, in fact. Just like Dylan and Hopper, Sean Penn’s children, Hazel and her siblings grew up far from Hollywood. “None of my children brag about being Julia Roberts’ son. My daughter never wants to say who her mother is, even “

julia roberts husband children

One of the very rare family photos: Hazel with mom, dad and siblings in 2015. Getty photo

Daniel Moder the man who changed Julia Roberts’ life

When they met, on the set of the film Julia was shooting with Brad Pitt, Daniel Moder was still married to his first wife. Julia had gotten over the shock of her flash wedding with country singer Layle Lovett. For Daniel’s sake he left Benjamin Bratt, the companion who was by his side when he won the Oscar for Erin Brockovich.

Hazel today is Laxmi

In 2009, Julia converted to Hinduism. Follower of the guru Neem Karoli Baba (Maharaj-ji), he also changed the name of his children, giving them those of Hindu deities. Herry became Krishna Balram, Phinnaeus is Ganeshv. Hazel became Laxmi. The goddess of light, abundance, luck, beauty and fertility …

Pretty and radiant on the red carpet …



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