Who is Jairo González, the president of Harvest Group & Associates accused of fraud?

Jairo Joel Gonzalez Duran, indicated for an alleged million-dollar scam, He is the man who has captured the attention of Dominican society and the media in recent days.

He is a native of the municipality of Loma de Cabrera, in the Dajabón province. Grew up in a Christian environmentspecifically in the Iglesia de Dios Central in the Los Alcarrizos municipality of the capital, where he was a drummer and related to an important sector of the Christian musical field.

According to one of his descriptions, Jairo majored in business and created his company Harvest Group & Associatesdedicated to “trading” and investment in the stock market and cryptocurrencies in the Dominican Republic, which he has presided over for seven years.

In his Linkedin profile created in 2021, Jairo says that, in 2020 as CEO, developed the Harvest Coin projectunder a complete ecosystem of Blockchain, which includes Ico, Exchange, Wallet, NFT Marketplace, Token and Broker.

González has traveled to different parts of the world with his business school and has taught courses where teaches young people how to invest in cryptocurrencies and other financial schemes.

He has also offered several interviews speaking as an expert in the financial world and criticizing the famous pyramid schemes. It even came to appear in relevant lists of leaders in telecommunications in the Dominican Republic.

Most of your company’s investors belong to the evangelical church and they assured during an investigative report presented by the journalist Nuria Piera, that it was precisely their “neat image” that convinced them to give funds to this company with the promise that in three months they would return the investment.

However, this did not happen, so more than fifty people denounced it for fraud and breach of trust.

Similarly, the Superintendence of Securities issued a statement warning that Harvest Trading Cap, It is not listed on the stock market and that, therefore, neither Jairo Joel González Durán nor his partner, Kelmin Santos Rodríguez, are authorized, regulated or supervised by this regulatory body.

The situation does not seem to intimidate him because, despite the reaction of the people after the report by the veteran journalist and the pressure of the complaints against him, Jairo continues to promote his business on social networks.


The Attorney General of the Republic reported that opened an investigation against Jairo González Duránpresident of the company Harvest Group & Asociados, dedicated to “trading” and investment in the stock market and cryptocurrencies in the Dominican Republic, for an alleged multi-million dollar scam.

This was reported by a source linked to the investigation, who said that as soon as the Public Ministry received more than 50 complaintsinitiated the corresponding investigation.

The case is investigated by Yeni Berenice Reynosodirector of Persecution of the Public Ministry, together with a team of prosecutors.

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