Who is Robin Li Yanhong, the Chinese billionaire who created one of the most popular search engines on the Internet?

There are many cases where people born into modest families have achieved economic success that their parents could only dream of. This is the case Robin Li Yanhong, originally from Yangquan.in Shanxi province.

Today and according to data ForbesLee is among China’s 50 Richest Businessmen and in the category of billionaires.


Baidu is also active in autonomous vehicle technology.

Baidu is also active in autonomous vehicle technology.


Who is Robin Li Yanhong, Chinese billionaire, founder of Baidu

What’s impressive about Lee is his rise in the tech world., which began with two studies. V Peking University He studied administration, specializing in information management. He then completed his PhD in computer science, a rapidly growing sector, in 1994.

IDD Information Services was his first job.where he helped create an online editing system Wall Street Journal. His masterpiece appeared in 1996 with a program called Rankdeskan algorithm that ranks pages in search engine results.

This program had a unique link analysis system that measured the quality of a website based on the sites that linked to it. In 1996 Larry Page used this program to launch his patent two years later. and create the search engine we know today as Google.

Baidu, Asia’s leading internet search engine

In 2000 he was born Baiduthe company he founded with Eric Xu and of which he remains CEO to this day. For over 20 years, Lee has been a pioneer and visionary in the world of technology. In China, it was able to adapt to its competitor by offering an endless number of applications such as Baidu Maps, Wangpan (analogous to Google Drive) and a system of advertising platforms for generating income.

Robin Lee Before Google came along, she knew how great it was to move in a market without competition. However, its most loyal users are in Asia and all over the world allowed him to position himself as excellent internet search engine.

In addition to its relationships with other important companies in the technology world, Lee is involved in projects related to artificial intelligence.. Your answer to Sam Altman’s AI was Ernie Botwhich performs the same tasks as its American counterpart found in services such as Bing.

And that’s just part of it, because you’re working on what’s known as Robocar. This is its first autonomous car, which will be able to catch up with Tesla or even surpass it. This car is expected to be equipped with an environmental predictive system for a safe and comfortable driving experience.

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