who is the father of her daughter and the money she earned for her Olympic bronze.

He triple jump did great Ana Peleteiro (Ribeira, 1995), which is now preparing for the new Olympic Games after reaching the minimum for Paris 2024. The Galician athlete comes to these competitions with a difficult mission: to confirm Olympic bronze medal what he achieved in Tokyo 2020 in the test Athleticsjust a year and a half after becoming a mother.

Ribeira was not only notable for her athletic side, but also for her controversial political statements and speeches against racism, which generated many critics. However, despite the scandals in which she was involved, the athlete tried never to fall for these provocations and focused on your professional career And in her daughter and her husbandwhom she married last September.

Now, having confirmed her successful return to the sporting circuit, Ana Peleteiro will stop by Pablo Motos’ El Hormiguero program on Antena 3 to talk about what her return to competition has been like after motherhood and how she faces what comes next. this will be his first Olympic competition in the next few years Paris Games after giving birth to her first. We tell you everything you need to know about the Spanish athlete.

Golden career in triple jump

2012 was one of the most important years for Ana Peleteiro. It was then, when he was only 16 years old, that his dream of becoming a professional athlete first took shape: he declared himself world junior champion in triple jump. Since then, the Galician jumper has not ceased to demonstrate in every jump why she is one of the best athletes in our country.

The 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo marked the crowning achievement of this event at the international level. At 25, the Spaniard hanged her Olympic bronze medal around the neck.a triumph that tasted like gold after she snatched third place from one of her rivals on the final jump of the competition.

Ana Peleteiro, bronze in the triple jump final at Tokyo 2020, with Yulimar Rojas.


Always in search of jump gold, this title complements the many world and European medals he has won during his long career. It’s confirmed silver, which he received at the European Indoor Championships. in 2021 or the gold she eventually won at the same competition in 2019. Even after becoming a mother, at the age of 29, the athlete managed to take bronze at the 2024 World Championships in Glasgow, just a year after the birth of her child. first daughter.

Who is Benjamin Compaore, Ana Peleteiro’s husband and father of her daughter?

Ana Peleteiro shares her life with the French athlete from 2022 Benjamin Compaore, whom she married in September 2023 in an intimate ceremony in her native Galicia. Athlete, 36 years old, He’s also a jumper like his wife, and achieved such titles as gold medal at the European Championships in triple jump in 2014 or world indoor bronze in 2016.

They met several years before the start of their relationship, when the athlete was still sharing her life with a Portuguese man. Nelson Evoraalthough their courtship did not begin until five years later: “I fell in love with you many years ago, but life decided that now is not our time. 5 years later I did it again, but this time in a completely different way,” he wrote in a post published on his social networks.

With him, the Spaniard simply dared to plunge into motherhood. eight months into their relationship. It was in 2022 that she went public with her pregnancy, surprising many of her followers with the break she was about to take at the peak of her career: “We will become parents of a beautiful baby “He will be born surrounded by many people who will love and care for him,” he explained with an image on his social networks.

However, their relationship was not without controversy due to Benjamin Compaore’s controversial past. In 2020, before starting an affair, the Frenchman was the mother of his two children reported physical and psychological abuse, who even accused him of hitting her and knocking her to the ground in front of her children. Some accusations in the face of which the Galician jumper did not want to remain silent and described her boyfriend as “good, smart and respectful”:There are currently no open court cases or proceedings regarding Benjamin.. The complaint referred to in the published article was withdrawn just a few weeks after it was filed,” the athlete justified himself then.

Difficult preparation for the Olympic Games after the birth of a daughter

Although becoming a mother was one of Ana Peleteiro’s dreams, the athlete had to make the difficult decision to give up her career for several months to face this motherhood. Small Lua Compaore Peleteirothe first daughter of an athlete and her husband, born last December 2022: “It was equal parts the hardest and most wonderful day of my life.“, the athlete shared along with an image of the little girl announcing her birth, who was not having a great time in the first months.

Returning to competition after giving birth was not easy for her, and the Olympic medalist had to make every effort not to weaken in this new stage of her life: “It was very difficult for me to look in the mirror again.… Lack of sleep, milk flow, stress, extra pounds that made me not recognize my own body…And hundreds of feelings that gave rise to my insecurities, doubts and a little sadness,” she wrote in a post where she talked about the feelings she experienced after pregnancy.

It took a lot of work and effort to regain pre-pregnancy competitive levels, and help from his coach Christina Diaz, allowing him to come back even stronger after the forced break. In March 2024, just a year after becoming a mother, Ana Peleteiro returned to the slopes in style and won bronze at the World Athletics Championships indoor track in Glasgow. He did this by jumping 14.75 meters, which was also the Olympic minimum for the 2024 Games in Paris.

He will be there this summer to confirm the medal he won at Tokyo 2020, although it all also meant a real sacrifice for his family life: “No one will tell you how hard it is to part with your daughter. within three weeks to be able to work and perform at the highest level at the next Olympic Games. Motherhood is wonderful, but no one prepares you for pain and guilt what these moments cause,” explained the jumper.

The money he won for his bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

Apart from the sporting side, the truth is that in these months away from the slopes, Ana Peleteiro has made a name for herself on social networks. The one from Ribeira told about her I work as an “influencer” in the podcast “Tómatelo con vino” presented by Maria Fernández-Rubies and Rocío Izarri, where she assured that most of her monthly income comes from this profession.

“It depends on a lot of things. If I get medals, it’s 50/50 because Thanks to sports and my sponsor, many connections come to me., Adidas. It’s very noticeable, but it depends on the results,” explained the athlete, who found a way to make money on social networks outside of her career. For example, for him bronze medal in the triple jump discipline at Tokyo 2020 received financial prize of 30,000 eurosThis was announced by the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE).

In fact, the Galician even went so far as to say that during her year of pregnancy she “earned twice as much” as the year she won her first Olympic medal. “The year I didn’t compete, the year I lived off the net, I earned twice as much as the year I was an Olympic medalist.. I earned a lot more because I was able to give more to the networks,” explained the artist, who, despite this, decided to return to the arena after pregnancy.

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