Who really owns Google?

We are talking, as such, about the company Google Inc., which was founded in September 1998, and which, 24 years later, is a corporation worth billions of dollars. A success story that you hold in your hands Larry Pagethe historic founder and current owner of the most emblematic ‘G’ on the Internet.

Alphabet, the other great piece of Google

How to read it in English word ‘Googol’ it was coined by Edward Kasner, an important American mathematician who used the term to represent the number 10 raised to 100. However, the founders of Google did not originally think of this name to baptize their search engine.

Larry Page, today the owner of Google itself, along with Sergey Brin, called BackRub originally to the postgraduate project that they were developing at Stanford University, in San Francisco, California, in the United States, with which they tried to create a system that would allow the classification of web pages that existed on the Internet.

Brin Page owner Google

But to clarify who is behind the company, we have to cover many things. And it is that this was involved in many tools that included its best-known commercial products such as Search, Android, YouTube and Gmail (in addition to many other projects).

To simplify all this, was created Alphabet, and Google became a scaled-down version of the best and most well-known products they made. That said, the next natural question is: Who owns Alphabet? Alphabet, since its formation, assumed the status of the father of Google. Which means that instead of Google, Alphabet is now a publicly traded company and continues to operate under the GOOG name. So, to answer the question, Google (Alphabet) is owned by its shareholders. And there, the first name is that of Larry Page, the maximum owner of it, along with Sergey Brin and John L. Hennessy.

Larry Page, the historic founder and owner of Google and other names

When the founders of the most popular search engine on the planet met in that summer of 1995, not even the most visionary of those present could imagine the outcome of the story that would unite them both. Then Page had finished his studies at the University of Michigan and went on to do his graduate studies at Stanford University, California.

in this same university meets Brin, 21, who was in charge of showing him around the campus. Without even knowing it, they are the ones who two years later revolutionize the world with his invention. Having since its inception a structuring of priority or hierarchy between the results thrown before a query, these are displayed in a list where the one with the best positioning on the web will come out first.

Larry Page owner Google

This search engine came to change the way we manage ourselves on the Internet and in our lives, after all, who doesn’t search everything through Google? In any case, a subsection must be made: although the owner and proprietor of Google continues to be Larry Page himself, with Brin as the second largest shareholder, the charges that are distributed in the company they have other names.

For example; Currently, the CEO of the company is Sundar Pichai, the highest rank, is the Executive Director. The task of a CEO is to control the management and administration of the company being the boss himself. Pichai, of Indian origin, studied metallurgical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur, a city in West Bengal, in the east of the country. He was the one who picked up the position left by billionaire Eric Schmidt (currently CEO of the company).

According to one of his tutors, Pichai was “the brightest of his generation.” He joined Google in 2004 and has since put his talents at the service of the company. On the other hand we have the owner, here Larry Page, who you have all the rights about that particular company. In the case of Google, these rights also include property rights and monetary rights.

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