Why brushing teeth has a positive impact on animal welfare

Caring for livestock goes beyond feeding and creating a proper environment; Care and hygiene play a critical role in the health and welfare of animals. Cleaning. says the portal RevistaGanadería, has been recognized as a fundamental skin and hair care practice.and now the innovative rotating brush opens a new chapter in animal care and comfort, specifically designed for cattle or long-haired cattle.

The Importance of Dental Brushing for Animal Welfare

Brushing not only removes surface dirt, but also effectively gets rid of parasites and other elements harmful to the skin and fur of animals. In addition, it has a positive effect on their mood, causing a feeling of relief and comfort. The new DeLaval rotating brush is designed to meet these needs and is a modern and tailored solution for livestock farming with special characteristics.

William Ericsson from DeLaval Product Development stated on this portal that he underlines the importance of this new development: “The new brush features improved cable protection and a stainless steel finish, making it the most durable and reliable brush ever.” This reliability is very important, especially when you consider that cattle, or longhaired beef cattle, tend to be larger and behave differently than dairy cattle.

Development and testing of the rotating brush

The process of creating the rotating brush was exhaustive and global. Ericsson notes that it has undergone extensive testing in several countries over several years. The results were encouraging: the majority of farmers reported that the brush significantly improved coat condition, reduced parasites and promoted calmer animal behavior.

One of the innovative aspects of the brush is its animal activated system. Ericsson explains: “Cows choose when they want to groom the cow, and the brush starts rotating when it makes contact with the cow.”. This natural interaction is key because it allows the animals to use the brush at their own pace and discretion.

Main advantages of a rotating brush

The design of the brush allows free movement in all directions, providing comfort to the animals. Bristle The brushes are specially adapted to stimulate blood circulation and keep animals clean and calm. In addition, the special design of the cylinder with valves prevents hair from tangling, which further improves combing efficiency.

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